Here’s your Top 10 Summary!

September 12, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Revisiting the Top 10 most downloaded Talk About Talk podcast episodes over the last ten weeks has been a wonderful opportunity to reflect. If you’ve already listened to these episodes, this is your chance to review. If not, now you can get caught up on the Top 10! So why are these episodes, in particular, so … Read More

#110 Five Rapid Fire Questions

September 19, 2022Podcast Episodes

QUICK! What are your pet peeves? What type of learner are you? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What communication media do you prefer? Do you have any podcast recommendations? How would YOU answer the 5 rapid fire questions that Andrea asks her guests at the end of every podcast interview? Hear Andrea’s answers … Read More

Celebrating 100 EPISODES of Talk About Talk – blog

May 3, 2022Communicating With Confidence, Communication Coaching Newsletter, Personal Branding

This week we’re celebrating 100 EPISODES of the Talk About Talk podcast! How do you like to celebrate the major milestones in your life? Flowers 💐? Cake 🎂? Champagne 🥂?   Image by inkdrop from Canva   Or how about… sharing some of the key insights you’ve gained through the process of reaching that milestone? If you’re a … Read More

#99 Communicating as a SAGE LEADER with Angie Alexander

April 18, 2022Communicating With Confidence, Podcast Episodes

span style=”font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;”>Are you a Sage Leader?  Sage leaders are inclusive, they are mentally fit, and they listen. Sage leaders are exceptional communicators. Learn how to communicate as a sage leader from executive coach Angie Alexander. RESOURCES Angie Alexander LinkedIn Instagram @sagecoachangie Clubhouse @angieayyc – weekly Mental Fitness & Sage Leadership room in the Thought … Read More


April 4, 2022Personal Branding, Podcast Episodes

Personal Branding is important, yet it never seems urgent. Dr. Andrea Wojnicki shares 3 specific reasons why we should all take the time and effort to develop our personal brand, plus she shares a variety of resources to help you develop your personal brand: a new online course, podcast episodes, newsletter blogs, and more.   … Read More

The Power of Networks – blog

January 11, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

The Power of Networks “I hate networking!”   Does that sound like you?  Most of us have experienced bad networking; sales pitches, insincere conversations, and people trying to collect the most business cards possible at an event.  (Is there a prize for that?)  While “networking” as a verb can feel awkward and downright icky, we all … Read More

Thinking About Thought Leadership

December 14, 2021Communicating With Confidence, Communication Coaching Newsletter

Thinking About Thought Leadership Have you listened to the most recent Talk About Talk episode, “DEMONSTRATING LEADERSHIP“? In this episode, we look at 5 ways to demonstrate leadership: Be a PROACTIVE, Strategic Leader Demonstrate PEOPLE LEADERSHIP Create THOUGHT-LEADERSHIP Communicate with CONFIDENCE Talk LEADERSHIP Last week, we talked about PEOPLE LEADERSHIP. This week, we’re getting a … Read More

Learning To Lead

December 7, 2021Communicating With Confidence, Communication Coaching Newsletter

Learning to Lead Focused on learning to lead? Are you seeking a LEADERSHIP position? Perhaps you’re looking for that promotion or perhaps you’re struggling with your “leadership style.”  Or maybe your boss just said those magic words: “It’s time to start demonstrating leadership.” Whatever the case, leadership skills are in high demand and I believe … Read More

The Sound of Your Voice – blog

November 23, 2021Communication Coaching Newsletter

Do You Like The Sound of Your Voice?   Most people don’t like the sound of their voice.  You never sound the same “out loud” as you do in your head.   And what about how you sound when you hear your recorded voice?  Exactly.  We’ve all been there. This week’s Talk About Talk podcast episode … Read More

#89 Using Your VOICE with Judith Weinman

November 22, 2021Podcast Episodes

Do you like the sound of your voice? Can your voice be improved? Do you have an accent? In this interview with voice expert Judith Weinman, you’ll learn 5 things you can do to optimize the sound of your voice, how to leverage your voice in terms of your personal brand, and all about accents. … Read More

Podcast recommendations and tips – blog

July 13, 2021Communication Coaching Newsletter

PODCAST RECOMMENDATIONS FROM ANDREA & MORE…. My top 3 podcast recommendations  Podcast listening tips & facts My podcasting question for you. Let’s do this!   Andrea’s Top 3 Podcast Recommendations I listen to a lot of podcasts when I’m getting ready in the morning, when I’m walking or driving, when I’m putting away groceries… Here … Read More

#80 COMMUNICATION INSIGHTS from hall-of-fame podcaster Dave Jackson

July 5, 2021Podcast Episodes

Podcaster Dave Jackson shares general communication insights for all of us, plus specific advice for podcasters, including the most common mistakes that podcasters make, the ideal length for a podcast, and how to refer to the listeners…   RESOURCES Podcaster Dave Jackson & The School of Podcasting Profit From Your Podcast book – Website: … Read More

“Practice Makes Perfect”? blog

March 23, 2021Communication Coaching Newsletter

“Practice makes perfect.” Right? Maybe not! (Just ask 🏀 Allen Iverson…) “Practice makes perfect” is a cliche. Practice can certainly elevate our performance, be it playing sports, playing a musical instrument, or making a client presentation. It occurred to me recently that while we talk a lot about various aspects of communication (like networking and personal branding and … Read More

#66 Trending Communication Topics, Insights & Recommendations

December 27, 2020Podcast Episodes 1 Comment

Top 3 lists from Andrea and Talk About Talk, including the top 3 Talk About Talk podcast episodes and newsletters, Andrea’s favorite podcasts, plus communication insights from 2020 and focus areas for 2021.   THANKS for listening – and READING! – LinkedIn: – Web: – Email: ***When referencing resources and products, TalkAboutTalk … Read More

Podcasting Learnings after 60 episodes – blog

October 19, 2020Communication Coaching Newsletter

Podcasting learnings from the first 60 episodes of Talk About Talk! Read the top ten communication insights to-date:    Some of these insights are things that I’d read or heard before, but never experienced directly.  Others are completely new learnings for me.  ALL of them are things that will help us be better communicators! Let’s … Read More

#61 WHAT I LEARNED FROM PODCASTING: from crutch words to how to interrupt

October 19, 2020Podcast Episodes

Crutch words, interrupting, filler comments, and more. Dr. Andrea Wojnicki shares 10 unique communication insights after hosting 60 Talk About Talk podcast episodes.    REFERENCES Resources & Recommendations “The Portfolio Career Podcast” with David Nebinski “Yogi MD” podcast” with Dr. Nadine Kelly “Google Ads na Veia” podcast with André Carneiro … Read More

How to choose a brand name – blog

August 11, 2020Communication Coaching Newsletter

On BRAND NAMES and How to choose a brand name. How do you choose a brand name? How important is a brand name? The brands we display and consume say a lot about us!    (image Unsplash @ slidebean) Read on to learn: The TOP BRANDS in the world Step-by-step instructions on HOW TO CHOOSE a brand … Read More


August 10, 2020Podcast Episodes 2 Comments

Learn how to choose a brand name. Are you naming a new product? A start-up? A new podcast? Dr. Andrea Wojnicki takes you through the 5 steps, from strategy to name generation, to evaluation, to searching availability and trademarking, to launching the brand! See the shownotes for a useful printable summary.   RESOURCES Brand Naming … Read More


February 24, 2020Communication Coaching Newsletter

This week’s podcast episode ?is focused on INTERVIEWING – as in conducting a job interview, an information-seeking interview, a journalistic interview, or a podcast interview! In the future we will also cover how to rock-it in a job interview.  But this week it’s all about when you are in the driver’s seat, INTERVIEWING, as in conducting the interview. As … Read More

Talk About… Communication Learnings from 2019!

December 27, 2019Communicating With Confidence, Communication Coaching Newsletter, Personal Branding

In this week’s podcast (podcast #40!), I briefly summarize all of our learnings into “The 19 COMMUNICATION SKILLS We Learned in 2019.” To come up with this list, I went through the key learnings from the 39 podcast episodes, the weekly email newsletters, and the 5 LinkedIn papers from the past year. To simplify the list, I categorized the learnings … Read More

#40 – 19 COMMUNICATION SKILLS from 2019

December 26, 2019Communicating With Confidence, Personal Branding, Podcast Episodes 3 Comments

An efficient summary of the 19 Communication Skills from 2019, including the words we say, types of implicit communication, tips for specific people & contexts, & important meta learnings.   THANKS for listening – and READING! Let’s TALK! Web: FB Group: FB: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Email:   TalkAboutTalk … Read More

Talk About… YogiMD, a new FB group, getting promoted by LinkedIn, and being grateful!

October 1, 2019Communication Coaching Newsletter

Hello!!! Recently I’ve received several testimonials from people who listened to the Talk About Talk podcast and successfully put the communication learnings into action!   One listener used the start-continue-stop framework to provide some much-needed feedback to her husband! (“It worked!”) One listener encouraged her daughter to learn the ABCDE’s of Communication before she broached the subject of … Read More

Dr. Andrea answers your Qs!

September 4, 2019Communication Coaching Newsletter

Did you enjoy last week’s Talk About Talk ? episode 28 on COMMUNICATING CHANGE? Professor Ellen Auster is so brilliant and yet so down-to-earth. No wonder her clients and her students love her! Based on her advice, I have been making an effort to use the “inclusive we,” amongst other things. Please reply to let me know … Read More

#29 Q&A with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

September 4, 2019Podcast Episodes 4 Comments

Welcome to the Q&A! Dr. Andrea answers listeners’ questions – personal Qs, communication Qs & podcasting Qs. You’ll hear about her biggest success & failure, why you should pick up the phone, advice on small talk and giving constructive feedback, and the #1 most important communication skill.   References & Links   Other Podcasts … Read More

#22(S2) FUNNY TALK with stand-up comedian & business school professor Hillary Anger Elfenbein

July 4, 2019Communicating With Confidence, Podcast Episodes 3 Comments

Yes, you can learn to be funny! Do you appreciate humour? Do you ever imagine what it’s like to be on the stand-up comedy stage? Listen as stand-up comedian Hillary Anger Elfenbein (also a fully tenured business school professor) shares her insights on learning comedy, and compares that experience to her experience teaching in the … Read More

COMMUNICATION Skills & Bloopers – blog

March 27, 2019Communication Coaching Newsletter

Let’s summarize the first 12 episodes with key learnings, a peek behind the scenes, answers to a few of your questions, and Bloopers! ? FIRST – Let’s hear some bloopers in this week’s podcast !!! This week’s podcast is the 13th and final episode of the first season of TalkAboutTalk. (Don’t worry – we will be back … Read More

Talk & Learn About….. CREATIVITY!

March 21, 2019Communication Coaching Newsletter

This week we Talk and Learn About CREATIVITY (including the benefits of creativity and how to experience flow)  (You can skim this short email or dive in to the many links if you would like to learn more!) ?FIRST – THE CREATIVITY PODCAST This week’s podcast is a little different than previous episodes. Sure, you will LEARN … Read More

NOW We’re Talking !!! – blog

January 22, 2019Communication Coaching Newsletter

  Now we’re talking! Welcome to the inaugural TalkAboutTalk email newsletter! I am thrilled to announce that the website is up and running. As you may know, TalkAboutTalk is an online learning platform focused on all things COMMUNICATION. Thank you for being an early-adopter and for your support. It means more to me than you can imagine. If … Read More