Did you enjoy last week’s Talk About Talk ? episode 28 on COMMUNICATING CHANGE?

Professor Ellen Auster is so brilliant and yet so down-to-earth. No wonder her clients and her students love her! Based on her advice, I have been making an effort to use the “inclusive we,” amongst other things. Please reply to let me know what your favourite pointers are from the “5 Common Mistakes” and “6 Success Principles” of Communicating Change.

If you’re like most people (me included!) the summer is fun but crazy and somehow the lack of structure means that we miss out on some things – like a few of my favourite podcasts!! Personally, I am excited to get back to the Fall routine!

In case you missed any of this summer’s Talk About Talk podcast releases, here they are again:


This week is something completely new: I am answering your questions! 

Read on….


Q&A with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

Over the last month, many of you emailed me or posted on social media with QUESTIONS.  Thank you!  I categorized these questions into into personal Qs, podcasting Qs, Talk About Talk Qs, and of coursecommunication Qs. So we get through a lot in this 27 minute episode!!!

Here are a few of the Q&As that you will hear:

  • What is your biggest success – and FAILURE? ?
  • What is the #1 most important communication skill?
  • What’s the most effective way to deliver “constructive” feedback?
  • Why do Millennials seem to think that texting is the only way to communicate?

Thanks you to all of you (Ali, Morgane, Ryan, Mike, Sharon, Vanessa, Jay, Renée, Marvi, Sue, Lorena, Cheryl, Karen, Dan, +++…) for your Qs and your suggestions! It is so satisfying to know you are listening and you are engaged.  Please keep the Qs coming!

I hope you enjoy this Q&A episode!

Talk About Talk Stats

In preparation for this episode, I went through some of the download statistics I get through my podcast host – Blubrry.  Here are two things that I thought might interest you: countries where other Talk About Talk podcast listeners reside, and the top 5 most downloaded Talk About Talk episodes.

Every week, more of the Talk About Talk downloads are coming from all around the world. It started mostly in Toronto, Calgary, Boston, and Chicago (cities where I have lived or where I know many people).  But the geographic concentration of listeners is expanding.  Outside of NA, there are now a significant number of listeners in Germany, the UK, Australia, Spain, and India!  Check out this map (darker means more listeners):

I also track downloads by episode.  Interestingly, most of the episodes have a very similar number of downloads.  (In other words, there are no duds!!!The top five episodes are:
#5 – Communicating with Colour with quilting store owner Daryl Aitken, decorator Jenn Purkis, & photographer Lori Ryerson

#4 – Artificial Intelligence: Talking with Siri & Alexa with professor & author Avi Goldfarb

#3 – Social Media with Volterra founder Andrew Jenkins

#2 – Your Personal Brand with CEO & team performance expert Michael Boydell

#1 – Storytelling with Harvard professor & author Jerry Zaltman

I hope you enjoy this week’s Q&A podcast

Please don’t hesitate to email me or post on social media anytime with more questions, suggestions for future topics, or feedback.  

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