Currency of Gratitude

April 16, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter No Comments

Recently on social media I shared a post of myself on a recent vacation with a cast on my wrist. I used this post to talk about sharing your personal life at work, but it created some unintended and positive results! People reached out to check in, to hear the story, to find out how … Read More

Quick Fixes

April 4, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter No Comments

Lately when I’m in executive coaching sessions, I’ve been noticing a few common mistakes that many executives make. Sometimes it’s a bad habit.  Sometimes it’s just not knowing better. It almost always negatively impacts their credibility. Fortunately, there are QUICK FIXES that can significantly improve their communication effectiveness, and ultimately boost their credibility. And yours too! In this week’s Talk About Talk … Read More

Share Yourself at Work

March 20, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter No Comments

People often ask me whether they should share their personal life at work. I have some opinions about this!  I also examined the academic research on this topic for this week’s podcast episode.   Let’s talk about this. Should we share our personal life at work? 3 Things to Talk About this week:  The Strategy: FILTER 3 Risks of … Read More


March 12, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter

This week we’re talking STORYTELLING. At this point most of us understand that great stories make for great communication, right?     In my own business, I’ve noticed that the workshops when I’ve “knocked it out of the park” are where I’ve told several stories. The podcast episodes with the most downloads are also the … Read More

The Power of LISTS

March 12, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter

Are you a list person?  I am. I think I got it from my Mom.  I remember watching her write out her impressive lists and then check things off.  Now I do the same, but instead of writing them out, I type them on my phone. Recently, I came across a Harvard Business Review article … Read More


March 6, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter

Let’s talk about networking and reciprocity.   Most of us equate the two. We do a favor for someone in our network, and we anticipate they will reciprocate. Here’s an alternative mindset to consider:    Equate networking with GENEROSITY.   One of the most generous people I know is Sharon Mah-Gin, a successful executive recruiter. Sharon talks about how we should “add value” or … Read More

Promises, promises…

February 14, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter, Personal Branding

We all forget things from time to time, but being dependable and keeping our promises is important. Do you keep your promises? 3 Things to Talk About this week:  The Right Way to Build A Brand (Yes, through PROMISES!) What’s Your “Say-Do” Ratio? TL;DR – Keeping MY Promises to You   1️⃣ PROMISES: The Right Way to Build a Brand Last week … Read More


January 24, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter, Taboo Topics

Let’s talk Profanity, shall we? Profanity evolves over time. At one time, cursing deities or cursing God was considered the worst, most profane language possible.  For some time, words about sex and our bodies (including our 💩 excrement) were the most profane. Linguistics Professor Darin Flynn believes that these days, the worst words in our language … Read More


January 17, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter

Most of us think we have higher than average self-awareness.  But research shows that only 10-15% of us actually have high self-awareness. As a communication coach, it’s easy for me to convince myself that I’m one of those 10% with high self awareness. But then every now and then I get some feedback, directly, or … Read More

Communication Resolution

January 10, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter

Happy New Year!  Do you know what the top three most common resolutions are?  You can probably guess: exercising more eating healthier losing weight I can’t help you with THOSE, but I can help you set and achieve important communication resolutions. Based on all the research, reading, and coaching I did over the past year, … Read More

More thoughts on gift-giving!

December 19, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

We’re wrapping (haha!) up the year with a final look at gift-giving. I’ve got a few ideas and insights to help you. When you think “GIFT GIVING,” do you think 🎁 wrapping presents for clients, friends, and family, or do you think 🙏 philanthropy? Truth for me: it depends… Every December for the last few years Talk About … Read More

Helping you avoid resume mistakes

November 29, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter, Personal Branding

I get a lot of people asking for my input to their resume or CV. I guess this isn’t surprising, based on all the work I do with clients on developing their personal brands. Recently I mentioned this to my friend, executive recruiter  Sharon Mah-Gin, whom you might know from podcast episodes on networking and job-searching. We lamented about how … Read More

The DON’Ts and DO’s of AI

November 21, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

TRUTH: I was little nervous about releasing the most recent podcast episode focused on AI.  I mean, who am I to talk tech? ALSO THE TRUTH: I received more emails and social media messages thanking and congratulating me on this episode than any other recent episode. What’s the lesson here? Sometimes taking a risk – beyond your comfort … Read More

Is AI Cheating?

November 16, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Is AI cheating? This is a HOT topic these days and one I definitely have an opinion about!  Is using AI by definition cheating? No.  AI is a tool. It is possible to cheat with this tool though, if you generate content using AI and claim it as your own. Recently I was collaborating with … Read More

Let’s Talk About LIKABILITY

September 26, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Is LIKABILITY a factor in your decisions to hire a job candidate, or award a contract to a bidder? Of course, it is! What about in your decision to follow or connect with someone on social media? Research shows that when you smile, people are more likely to believe you are approachable, attractive, and trustworthy. According to … Read More

Do women talk more than men?

September 19, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Every month, I analyze traffic and patterns on the Talk About Talk website. One of the measures I look at is what topics people type into the search function. One of the most common topics is always: “gender differences” Questions about gender differences also come up frequently in my coaching sessions and workshops. And I’ve certainly … Read More

Here’s your Top 10 Summary!

September 12, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Revisiting the Top 10 most downloaded Talk About Talk podcast episodes over the last ten weeks has been a wonderful opportunity to reflect. If you’ve already listened to these episodes, this is your chance to review. If not, now you can get caught up on the Top 10! So why are these episodes, in particular, so … Read More

Do you communicate with IMPACT?

August 22, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Do you know how to communicate with IMPACT?  I can’t think of anyone more qualified to help us answer this question than my friend Jennifer T. Lee, a bold and inspiring leader whose superpower is creating global impact. Jennifer T. Lee I’m not surprised that my conversation with Jen made it onto Talk About Talk’s Top 10 … Read More

Do you dread the self-introduction?

August 15, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

You know the scenario. You’re sitting around a boardroom table or in a virtual meeting, and the meeting leader says, “Let’s all go around and INTRODUCE ourselves.” How do you react? Does your brain go into hyperdrive? What should I say? How long should I talk? Should I mention something personal?… You’re not alone! Many of … Read More

Are you a GENEROUS communicator?

August 8, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

This summer, we’re re-releasing the TOP TEN Talk About Talk podcast episodes of all time, one every Monday morning. So far we’ve covered: Mentally Preparing to Communicate with CONFIDENCE The Power of LISTENING The Power of THREE The 3-Point BODY LANGUAGE Scan Communication Skills for JOB SEEKERS Communicating with PRECISION Have you listened to these … Read More

Need a reset? Have you tried the 3-point BODY LANGUAGE scan?

July 25, 2023Communicating With Confidence, Communication Coaching Newsletter

Did you know that BODY LANGUAGE is responsible for over half of your communication? Whether consciously or unconsciously, other people are constantly picking up on the nonverbal cues you signal through gestures, facial expressions, and posture. I was motivated to create the 3-point body language scan for two reasons. The first is that I was getting … Read More

Have you harnessed the POWER of 3?

July 18, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Before we get into “the power of 3,” I have an invitation for you: Do you have personal branding questions? Please join me for my upcoming Personal Branding Q&A session on Tuesday, July 25. It’s live and it’s FREE! I hope to see you there. Click HERE for more information and to register. Now, I have … Read More

Power: It’s not what you think

June 20, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who voted on our podcast cover art options. YOU are the first to see it! Here’s the new Talk About Talk cover art: Slowly, you’ll see this cover art rolled out on Apple, Spotify, other podcast players, the Talk About Talk website, and everywhere… Now I have another question for you. … Read More

Is POWER a dirty word?

June 13, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

What do you think of when you hear the word POWER? Is it something negative or sinister? Is “power” a slightly dirty word, like “networking” or “sales”? Whatever your associations with power may be, I recommend reading Power for All: How It Really Works and Why It’s Everyone’s Business by Tiziana Casciaro and Julie Battilana. I devoured this … Read More

What’s with all these INTERRUPTIONS?

June 6, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Almost immediately after last week’s communication newsletter went out (focused on what the research says about interruptions), “Sue” emailed me: Hi Andrea – I could really relate to this topic….so interesting that it occurs in business and in personal relationships. Why is it that those who interrupt seem to be so oblivious to how frequently … Read More

Excuse me, I need to INTERRUPT…

May 30, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Someone tapping your shoulder. A notification chiming on your phone. The crash of thunder. What do these have in common? They’re all INTERRUPTIONS. Interruptions are often annoying and unproductive. Are you ready to talk interruptions? 3 things to Talk About this week: 1. Not all interruptions are created equal 2. What the research says about interruptions 3. … Read More

A GROWTH MINDSET can change everything!

May 23, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

If you’ve subscribed to this newsletter, it’s safe to say that you are curious, love to learn, and are invested in improving your communication skills. In other words, you’ve got a GROWTH MINDSET. Are you wondering what you can do to cultivate your growth mindset even further? This week I’m excited to share a few strategies … Read More

3 books I recommend for you

May 16, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

People often ask me what BOOKS I recommend, particularly books focused on communication skills.  So I thought, why not release a podcast episode where I talk about one of these books?  Or maybe THREE of them? And why not discuss them with a fellow book lover? Enter Adam Ashton, author and co-host of “What You Will Learn,” … Read More

Let’s Keep it POSITIVE!

May 9, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Are you a POSITIVE person?  We all have bad days, and it’s normal to not feel positive about things 100% of the time, but according to academic research, there are real benefits to keeping it positive! 3 things to Talk About this week: 1. The “Magic” Relationship Ratio 2. Sometimes the best advice is what NOT … Read More


May 2, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

You’ve probably heard about the power of positive SELF-TALK, but what about SELF-LISTENING?  This week, I’m thrilled to explore this topic and share insights from a recent conversation with my friend, the talented Jill Nykoliation. I’m even more excited because you can now WATCH this and future Talk About Talk podcast episodes on YOUTUBE! Please subscribe, … Read More

What’s the most common Personal Branding mistake?

April 18, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter, Personal Branding

People make all sorts of mistakes when they’re developing their personal brand. Can you guess what’s the most common Personal Branding mistake?  Read on to learn that and more… 3 things to Talk About this week: 1️⃣ 3 common Personal Branding mistakes (yes, including the most common mistake) 2️⃣ Take the Communication Skills Poll (I want to hear from … Read More

3 things to Talk About this week

March 21, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

If you’re a new Talk About Talk newsletter subscriber – WELCOME!  If you’re a long-time subscriber, you’ll notice here that I’m trying something new. Each week, I’m going to share THREE THINGS with you. (Yes, “The Power of 3 “!)   My goal is to provide a brief summary of three different things that will … Read More

What’s the #1 fastest way to improve your communication skills?

February 14, 2023Communicating With Confidence, Communication Coaching Newsletter

If you’re reading this, I bet you have a growth mindset and you’re focused on improving your communication skills. 👏👏👏 Maybe you’re working on your confidence, your body language, or your precision. Or perhaps you’re trying to remember to say something more often.   Whatever it is, how can you accelerate your adoption of these new … Read More

Good INTENTIONS are easy

February 7, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

How are your 2023 New Year’s Resolutions going? For many of us (myself included), the challenge isn’t setting goals or INTENTIONS; it’s turning them into HABITS.  Say you’ve just read a book or listened to a podcast that resonates with you, and you decide you want to implement what you’ve just learned. How do you make … Read More

Beyond the basics!

January 24, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Quick: When I say “COMMUNICATION BEST PRACTICES,” what comes to mind? Is it: Be courteous and punctual Don’t interrupt Watch your language…? Certainly, these things are important.  But these points are pretty basic.In this week’s podcast episode, I share my top 3 tips for five different communication media, and all of them are beyond the basics.   Here’s … Read More

Just pick up the $%#@ phone!

January 17, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Have you ever had a performance review via email? Has anyone ever broken 💔 up with you via text? Or proposed to you over the phone? I hope not! Yes, these examples are clichés. But they perfectly illustrate why your choice of communication medium is important.  This goes for both personal and professional contexts. Here’s an example in a professional, … Read More


January 10, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

I have some fun trivia for you. You’ve probably heard this famous quote, and maybe you’ve even said it: “The Medium is the Message.” First piece of trivia: The correct quote is actually, “The MEDIUM is the MASSAGE.”  That’s what 🇨🇦 Canadian philosopher and English & media studies professor Marshall McLuhan called his 1967 book: “The … Read More

NEW YEAR, New You, New Email Inbox?

January 3, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

For many of us (myself included), January is a time to make a fresh start, and to adopt new and improved habits to help us achieve our goals for the year ahead. Image by New Africa studio via Canva Also for many of us, email causes a lot of stress.  But email is supposed to be a tool … Read More

The BEST of 2022…

December 20, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

Image by pixelshot via Canva 2022 is almost over! It’s easy to get caught up in the end-of-year stress, isn’t it? I try my best to focus on some of my favourite things: LISTS and GIFT GIVING!  LISTS Are YOU a list maker?  I definitely am! (Thank you, ❤️ Mom!) Image by @glenncarstenspeters via unsplash This … Read More

Take the stress out of GIFT GIVING!

December 13, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the end of the year is another time in our calendar when gift-giving is rampant.  There are corporate gifts, teacher gifts, and on and on… For some of us, GIFT GIVING is a beloved tradition that brings us much joy. But it can also bring us stress! Image by alexkich via Canva … Read More

Don’t DWELL. Instead: DIVERT

December 6, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

Would you be surprised if I told you that 7 in 10 women would rather minimize than share their successes? This is something I hear All. The. Time. From women and men! For many of us, there’s a fear that when we SAY NICE THINGS about ourselves – when we share our achievements and credentials … Read More

Do you SAY NICE THINGS about yourself?

November 29, 2022Communicating With Confidence, Communication Coaching Newsletter, Personal Branding

THANK YOU to listener “Amanda” who recently asked me for some pointers on how to “SAY NICE THINGS” about herself. I dedicated this week’s podcast episode to answering Amanda’s question! Do YOU ever struggle to talk about your credentials & accomplishments?  Like it or not, learning to say nice things about ourselves is an imperative. … Read More

3 Ways to Customize Your CADENCE

November 8, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

The best marketers spend a lot of time understanding their target market. Similarly, the best communicators spend a lot of time thinking about their “audience.”  Whether they’re up on stage communicating with a formal audience, or casually chatting with a colleague in the hallway, the best communicators focus on others. Another way to thinking about … Read More

Are you a FAST TALKER?

November 1, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

Recently I learned about 2 records held by John F. Kennedy that I hadn’t heard before: FAST-TALKING – In Dec. 1961, JFK set the record for public speaking at 327 words-per-minute. (That’s like listening to a podcast at 3x the regular speed!) SLOW-TALKING – During his inaugural address, JFK spoke at a remarkably slow rate of … Read More

Have you figured out your superpower yet?

October 11, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

So, have you figured out your SUPERPOWER yet?     Your superpower is also connected to your Personal Brand. It’s what you’re known for. It’s your reputation. It’s how other people think of you when you’re not there. This is one of the reasons why articulating your superpower is so important – especially in a professional context. … Read More

What’s YOUR Superpower?

October 4, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

I’ve got a question for you:   Each and every one of us has a SUPERPOWER. I don’t mean the ability to fly or to stop a speeding bullet.  I mean the thing that positively and uniquely distinguishes you from others. The thing that makes you remarkable. The thing that makes you, YOU! Your superpower could … Read More


September 27, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

Here’s a quote for you: Oooooo, I just love that quote, don’t you?  It’s TRUE! If you’re up for it, I’d love it if YOU’d ask ME a question that I can answer in a future TalkAboutTalk podcast episode.  Please email me your question before November 1st, or go to the website and verbally ask me … Read More

I have 5 Qs for you…

September 20, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

Before you read any further, please answer these 5 QUESTIONS: 1. What are your PET PEEVES? 2. What type of LEARNER are you? 3. Are you an INTROVERT or EXTROVERT? 4. What’s your COMMUNICATION MEDIA preference for personal conversations? 5. What’s a PODCAST, BLOG, or NEWSLETTER you’d recommend?   Image by serggn from Getty Images/Canva Do … Read More

So… how was your weekend?

September 13, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

It’s Monday. You’ve just arrived at the office or logged into your first virtual meeting of the day when your colleague asks, “How was your weekend?” This happens ALL THE TIME, doesn’t it? It’s probably not obvious, but your answer to this question is another opportunity to reinforce your PERSONAL BRAND. Image by Sezeryadigar from Getty … Read More

What is it that EMPLOYERS really want?

August 16, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

Whether you’re a job-seeker or a recruiter, have you ever stopped to consider exactly WHY employers hire people?  I don’t mean why they might hire a particular candidate, but the overarching reason for hiring someone at all. According to executive recruiter Sharon Mah-Gin, the answer is 3-fold, and is something that every job-seeker and recruiter should consider throughout the recruiting … Read More


August 9, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

These days, It seems that everyone is either looking to HIRE people or looking for a NEW JOB, doesn’t it? The whole recruiting process can be very stressful. So I turned to my friend, executive recruiter Sharon Mah-Gin to ask her advice. Whether you’re a recruiter or a job-seeker, this week’s podcast episode is a must!   … Read More

Need a CONFIDENCE boost?

August 2, 2022Communicating With Confidence, Communication Coaching Newsletter

CONFIDENCE is a topic I’m frequently asked about. In fact, one of the most downloaded Talk About Talk podcast episodes of all time is about mental preparation for communicating with confidence.     Does your confidence need a boost? In the latest Talk About Talk podcast episode, you’ll hear the full audio from a Q&A focused on Personal Branding.  Many … Read More

What makes you REMARKABLE?

July 19, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter, Personal Branding

Let me ask you something: What makes you REMARKABLE? “Remarkable.” That’s a great word, isn’t it?  It’s a word that Lisa Bragg, CEO of MediaFace and Founder of The Bragging Rights Collective, thinks we should use more often.  I agree.   Lisa Bragg Last week I introduced you to Lisa’s philosophy of BRAGGING – a bold and positive reframing of … Read More

Three specific ways to create PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY

July 5, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

If you’ve ever led a TEAM, you know that this comes with tremendous responsibility. As a leader, you’re responsible for charting the course and steering the ship.     Image by Perkus from Getty Images Signature/Canva Ultimately, you are responsible for the performance of your team. One way to position your team for success is to create a PSYCHOLOGICALLY … Read More

Do you know HOW to communicate with PRECISION?

June 21, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

Whether written or verbal, professional or personal, communicating with PRECISION ensures that your audience stays engaged and can easily comprehend your message.  It also has the added benefit of increasing your likeability! Sounds great, right? But HOW do we do this? Image by alphaspirt from Getty Images Signature/Canva How can we ensure that our message is … Read More

Do you communicate with PRECISION?

June 14, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

COMMUNICATION is a two-way street.  There’s talking and there’s listening. Today we’re focusing on talking.  QUESTION for you: When you’re talking, how do people respond? Are they engaged? Do people comprehend what you’re saying?  Do people think you’re rambling? Do they ever look at you like this?   Image by ferrantraite from Getty Images Signature/Canva OOPH. How … Read More

Communication tips to help you land your NEXT GREAT JOB and build RELATIONSHIPS once you start!

June 7, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

When it comes to our professional lives, the difference between advancing in our careers or feeling stuck often comes down to one thing: our COMMUNICATION SKILLS.  Whether your goal is to land a new role at a new company, be considered for a promotion, or to flourish in your current role, communicating effectively is key. Image by abluecup … Read More

Do you have any QUESTIONS? I’ve got answers!

May 31, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

Do you have communication skills QUESTIONS?  Perhaps you’re wondering how to deal with a difficult boss, or you’re not sure how to set yourself apart in a job search, or maybe you’re an introvert looking for tips on getting more comfortable “on stage.” Image by Professor25 from Getty Images/Canva You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers! … Read More

It’s all about the GROWTH MINDSET

May 10, 2022Communication Coaching Newsletter

It’s amazing how so many clients nod their head when I start talking about a GROWTH MINDSET.   It seems that everyone has a growth mindset… Or do they?   Image by designer491 from Getty Images Pro What exactly IS a growth mindset? Here’s how I define a growth mindset: it’s all about knowing what … Read More

Celebrating 100 EPISODES of Talk About Talk – blog

May 3, 2022Communicating With Confidence, Communication Coaching Newsletter, Personal Branding

This week we’re celebrating 100 EPISODES of the Talk About Talk podcast! How do you like to celebrate the major milestones in your life? Flowers 💐? Cake 🎂? Champagne 🥂?   Image by inkdrop from Canva   Or how about… sharing some of the key insights you’ve gained through the process of reaching that milestone? If you’re a … Read More