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by Andrea Wojnicki

Talk About Talk’s #1 most downloaded episode is now also one of the most read articles in Harvard Business Review.

In this Bootcamp you will

• Elevate Your Leadership Communication Skills: self-awareness, precision, and listening

• Establish Your Professional Identity: controlling your narrative and reinforcing your ideal unique personal brand

• Demonstrate Leadership: highlight specific opportunities where you can focus and get traction as a leader

• Communicate with Impact: strategies to maximize your leadership impact

In this Bootcamp you will

• learn how to confidently introduce yourself in any context

• create your unique, customized personal branding template

• articulate your expertise, your passions, & your superpowers

Scott Cooper - CEO & Investor
"Andrea's an authentic leader who has a great process & approach to get to the heart of what makes you distinct. For anyone interested in sharpening their LinkedIn profile, CV and any other communication, I highly recommend Andrea.”
Scott Cooper testimonial - Talk About Talk, Dr Andrea Wojnicki

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About Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

Executive communication coach Dr. Andrea Wojnicki earned her Doctorate of Business Administration (Marketing) from Harvard Business School, where her dissertation focused on consumer psychology and word-of-mouth. (She's still obsessed with understanding why you said whatever you just said!)
In the early days of her career, Andrea would wing-it in meetings and stutter nervously onstage. ("Andrea, are you ok? Your face is as red as your hair!") Fast-forward to today: she loves public speaking, teaching, and podcasting!
Andrea attributes this transformation to two things: her insatiable desire to learn, and pushing herself to practice. Andrea created Talk About Talk to help ambitious executives learn and improve their communication skills so they can accelerate their career advancement.
Please connect with Andrea on LinkedIn, set up a 20-minute consult, or leave her a voice message. She would love to Talk!

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Laura Reinholz testimonial - Talk About Talk, Dr Andrea Wojnicki
"Working with Andrea has been instrumental in helping me redefine my brand as well as recognize my strengths... I have found so much value in working with Andrea.”
Laura Reinholz - banking executive

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