Revisiting the Top 10 most downloaded Talk About Talk podcast episodes over the last ten weeks has been a wonderful opportunity to reflect.

If you’ve already listened to these episodes, this is your chance to review. If not, now you can get caught up on the Top 10!

So why are these episodes, in particular, so popular? Before we get to that, here’s a recap of the Top 10:

Dr Andrea Wojnicki presents at the 2022 Institute of Advanced Financial Planners Symposium, providing key elements to communicate with confidence
Ep.131 Mentally Preparing to Communicate with Confidence


a hand held to an ear - top 10 podcast episodes - Talk About Talk
Ep.132 The Power of Listening


Andrea Wojnicki holding up three fingers - the power of 3 - top 10 podcast episodes - Talk About Talk
Ep.133 The Power of 3


Andrea Wojnicki power posing - body language - top 10 podcast episodes - Talk About Talk
Ep.134 The 3-Point Body Language Scan


Sharon Mah-Gin and Andrea Wojnicki - communication skills for job-seekers - top 10 podcast episodes - Talk About Talk
Ep.135 Communication Skills for Job-Seekers


communicating with precision - top 10 podcast episodes - Talk About Talk
Ep.136 Communicating with Precision


Andrea Wojnicki holding a blue book with the text "Hi! I'm Andrea" - introductions - top 10 podcast episodes- Talk About TalkEp.137 Introductions: How to Introduce Yourself


Jennifer T. Lee - communicating with impact - top 10 podcast episodes - Talk About Talk
Ep.138 Communicating with Impact


image by ภาพของnisara via Canva - an arm in a grey suit holding a white megaphone against a mint green background - speak up in meetings - top 10 podcast episodes - Talk About Talk
Ep.139 Speak Up: Communicating in Meetings


The Power of Personal Branding - five snapshots of Andrea Wojnicki - top 10 podcast episodes - Talk About Talk
Ep.140 The Power of Personal Branding

After pulling the stats to put this list together, I have to say that I wasn’t at all surprised by the results. I was very happy to see that my personal favourite, The Power of 3, resonated with so many listeners!

So why are these 10 episodes so popular? It comes down to three things… (OF COURSE it’s three things!)

1️⃣ Addressing Common Problems

These episodes cover topics like imposter syndrome, introducing ourselves, speaking up in meetings, and building confidence.

In other words, common challenges and things that most of us have had to deal with at some point.

2️⃣ Engaging Guests

It doesn’t surprise me at all to see such interest in hearing from guests like Sharon Mah-Gin and Jennifer T. Lee.

Not only are they knowledgeable, dynamic, and inspiring individuals, but they are also incredibly generous with their time and advice.

3️⃣ Simple, Actionable Tips

One of the things I love most about prepping for a new podcast episode is synthesizing the available research to provide suggestions that are evidence-based and easy to understand.

The frameworks and tips shared in these episodes are straightforward, easy to memorize, and easy to apply to real life. And they really work!


What is your favourite episode to date? Please email me or message me on LinkedIn to let me know.

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