Speaking up in meetings is important, but not always easy.  Learn ten strategies to help you speak up. Consider what you do before the meeting, your mindset during the meeting, and your words!



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Re-release of ep.114.



Welcome to Talk About Talk episode #139. Speaking Up and Communicating in Meetings. This is the 9th of the TOP TEN Talk About Talk episodes of all time. These are the 10 episodes of the over 130 episodes to date that have the most downloads.

We’re re-releasing these top ten one-after another, one per week. Then in a few weeks, we’re going back to our usual cadence of bi-weekly releases and new topics.

This is a re-release of episode 114, called “Speak up – communicating in meetings.” I know exactly why this episode has been so popular. It’s because so many of us have been told we need to speak up.

I remember when I was a young brand manager, sitting in a meeting room with our advertising agency, along with my boss and my boss’s boss, knowing I needed to say something, but feeling paralyzed.


MANY of my clients have shared similar stories. They tell me that their boss told them they should speak up. But it’s not easy, is it?

Whether you’re looking for suggestions to help YOU speak up OR perhaps you’re a manager who’s encouraged your folks to speak up, the suggestions in this episode will help – I promise.