Do you communicate with IMPACT? Vice-Chair at Deloitte Jennifer Lee defines impact as the ability to get someone to take action. Learn 3 specific communication tactics to elevate your impact, plus insights about how respect, being curious, and establishing the value of each person in the room can increase your impact.



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Re-release of ep.112.



Welcome to TAT ep.138, Communicating with IMPACT. This is a re-release of episode 112, where I interview Deloitte Sr. partner Jennifer Lee. When this episode was first released I knew it would be very popular based on the emails and comments I received from listeners. 

Jennifer is incredible. Not surprisingly, since we recorded the original episode, Jennifer has been promoted to vice chair at Deloitte. Congratulations Jen! So well deserved.

There are many many takeaways that Jen shares in this episode, so fasten your seatbelt. In particular, I want to point out 3 takeaways for you to listen for:

1st, at a meta-level, Jen encourages us to be curious. This is an incredibly effective and under-appreciated mindset. And amongst other things, it will help you be more impactful

2nd, a strategy to try in meetings. It’s this: make sure that everyone in the room understands their purpose for being there. And if you’re with clients, your clients should be perfectly clear why everyone is in the room.

3rd and last, I love Jen’s suggestion to combat her urge to interrupt. It’s simple: write it down. Instead of cutting someone off, when you feel that urge to “get something out,” write it down in your notebook!

As I said, there are many many other suggestions that Jennifer generously shares with us. Here we go. Enjoy!