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Are you ready to take your career to the next level? This course is your opportunity to strategically identify and focus on what you do best - your superpowers!

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Introducing "5 Steps to Nail Your Personal Brand"

Ever notice how some people introduce themselves with confidence? Wouldn’t you love to be that person who knows exactly what to say, whether it’s in a meeting, during small talk at a cocktail party, or when you're "on stage"? YOU can be that person.

In this new online Personal Branding course, you will:
  • Learn the "strategic principles" of Personal Branding (context, definitions, and examples - what you need to know!)
  • Be guided step-by-step through a sequence of critical inputs to your Personal Brand.
  • Learn to articulate the things that make you unique - your superpowers.
  •  BONUS: You will learn a framework to introduce yourself in any context.
  • ...and more!

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“I recently attended Andrea's Personal Branding workshops. Incredibly empowering sessions - teaching you to identify and embrace your uniqueness whilst learning how to harness these attributes as your own personal super power. The stuff they don't teach you as you're climbing up the corporate ladder. Andrea is a highly motivating and engaging facilitator and if you get the chance to work with her, seize it with both hands!” (Lorna Mode, chief of staff, global financial advisory, Deloitte)

“Andrea, thank you for a terrific job yesterday. The staff got a ton of good value out of it. Your “super powers" are your honesty, mindfulness and caring to learning. This was one of the best learning sessions our team has ever had.” (Marc, president research firm)

“Our team had Andrea lead us through a 90 minute online “lunch & learn” workshop and everyone learned something! Andrea has many practical tips and frameworks to remember the content. She got rave reviews from my team and we are already scheduling our next lunch & learn with her!” (Anne, president NA research firm)

“Andrea gave a presentation to the Granite Club Toastmasters group. Regular attendees and guests alike all enjoyed her casual, informed style and learned strategies for daily communication and feature presentations of our own.” (David, Toronto)

1-on-1 Communication Coaching

Working directly with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki is the fastest way to upgrade your communication skills and prepare you for career growth. 1-on-1 means personal, fully customized communication skills training! Popular topics include developing your personal brand, overcoming imposter syndrome, presentation skills and more. Email Andrea to set up a call now, or book her through the link below..

Learn with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

Online Training: Corporate Workshops & Presentations

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki will lead your team through an interactive, educational online workshop that will boost their communication skills. In addition to benefiting from this communication skills training, your team will have the opportunity to connect with each other on something other than the day-to-day grind, and you will demonstrate your commitment to them! Email Andrea now to book an online workshop.

Online workshops with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Online corporate workshops with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

Popular Training Topics

  • LISTENING Skills
  • Communicating with CONFIDENCE
  • Creating & Communicating your PERSONAL BRAND
  • Dealing with DIFFICULT PEOPLE
  • Elevating your communication with STORYTELLING

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