CONFIDENCE is a topic I’m frequently asked about. In fact, one of the most downloaded Talk About Talk podcast episodes of all time is about mental preparation for communicating with confidence.


Talk About Talk #106 - Personal Branding Questions - quote about confidence by Joe Namath


Does your confidence need a boost?

In the latest Talk About Talk podcast episode, you’ll hear the full audio from a Q&A focused on Personal Branding.  Many of the Qs focused on CONFIDENCE!  That makes sense, since one of the benefits of Personal Branding is improved confidence.

Read on for:

  • 3 TIPS for elevating your confidence
  • How to INTERNALIZE new habits, including your confidence mantra!

3 Tips to Elevate Your Confidence

When I’m asked about how to build confidence, it’s often in the context of giving a presentation, or similar nerve-racking situations.

It’s common to start doubting ourselves when we feel nervous. Next time this happens to you, try out one of these CONFIDENCE HACKS:

1️⃣ Lean Into Your PERSONAL BRAND

  • Think about WHY your employer hired you. You wouldn’t have the job if you weren’t qualified and competent at what you do.
  • Remind yourself of what makes you UNIQUE. You don’t have to know everything or be good at everything, but there are things that you are better at than others, a.k.a. your SUPERPOWERS!!!


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  • No matter where you are in your career, it’s never too early (or too late) to adopt a GROWTH MINDSET!
  • Before any significant event (presentation, speech, meeting), tell yourself, “I know what I know and I’m keen to learn more.” It will help take the pressure off. (I say this to myself all the time. I said it to myself before recording this Q&A session!)
  • A growth mindset will demonstrate that you are open to LEARNING and IMPROVING.
Talk About Talk #106 - Personal Branding Questions - quote on growth mindset by Andrea Wojnicki

3️⃣ Create a MANTRA

  • A short MANTRA can give you a big confidence boost. You don’t need to write a whole speech – a simple “You’ve got this!” can be very effective – and you can change your mantra over time.
  • Research has shown that SELF-TALK can be very powerful.
  • Think about how you’d talk to a friend to pump them up when they need a confidence boost. Then, talk to YOURSELF that way. (“Andrea, you can do this. You’re smart. You’re prepared. You’re going to nail this!”)

Memorizing and Internalizing


Once you’ve decided to give those confidence hacks a try and establish some new habits, the next step is to MEMORIZEand INTERNALIZE them.

Here are some tried and true tips to help you with this process:

1️⃣ Write It Down Whether it’s a list of your superpowers or a new mantra, writing it down is a great way to help you memorize the things you’d like to recall instantaneously.

2️⃣ Leave Yourself Notes – Stick it to your computer screen, put it in your wallet, or pin it to your bulletin board. 

Talk About Talk #106 - Personal Branding Questions - image of post-it note with the words "you can do it!" on a computer keyboard, next to cup of coffee
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3️⃣ Experience it Through Multiple Senses – Writing is great, but if you really want the message to sink in, try a multimedia approach:

  • Read it
  • Listen to it
  • Type it
  • Print it….
The more ways you experience your mantra, the more likely it is to permeate your brain.


4️⃣ Make it your Password – During the Q&A session, Maye (my friend, the Fishbowl community leader) shared a brilliant tip for internalizing a mantra: incorporate it into your passwords. This way, there’s no escaping it. Logging into your email in the morning? There’s your mantra to kickstart your day! 


Talk About Talk #106 - Personal Branding Questions - image of person holding smartphone and logging into locked account
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That’s it for this week! Once again, thank you to Maye and to the FishBowl team for organizing this event. I hope you’ll learn a lot about Personal Branding from this Q&A session.

You can listen to this episode directly on the website just by clicking ▶️PLAY.  Or you can find the podcast on any podcast app.  Just search “Talk About Talk.” 

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