Personal Branding is important, yet it never seems urgent. Dr. Andrea Wojnicki shares 3 specific reasons why we should all take the time and effort to develop our personal brand, plus she shares a variety of resources to help you develop your personal brand: a new online course, podcast episodes, newsletter blogs, and more.



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  • 5 Steps to Nail Your Personal Brand – reveal your superpowers, articulate your strengths, and introduce yourself with confidence!
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  • #84 Strategic Principles of Personal BrandING  Before you start promoting your Personal Brand, you need to articulate what it is! Learn the 3 strategic principles of Personal Branding, plus the most common mistake that people make when crafting their Personal Brand.
  • #71 Personal BrandING, AUTHENTICITY & TMI  How can we be authentic without sharing TMI? How can we be transparent, without appearing unprofessional? Copywriter and messaging strategist Tom Megginson encourages us to be authentic and focus on our audience. Code-switching and filtering are 2 ways to maintain authenticity without compromising professionalism.
  • #77 Personal BrandING: Reinforcing your Personal Brand with Implicit Communication Personal branding is more than just the words we say about ourselves. Learn to reinforce your personal brand through consistent implicit communication, ranging from your personal style, possessions, affiliations, how you show up for meetings, and more.  
  • #68 Communicating Your Personal Brand ONLINE  Actionable advice on how to communicate your personal brand online, including 3 KEY PRINCIPLES of personal branding, plus instructions for how to UPDATE, PARTICIPATE and MONITOR your personal brand online.
  • #90 DEMONSTRATING LEADERSHIP: Leadership & Your Personal Brand Have you been told it’s time to start “demonstrating leadership”? Learn 5 ways to communicate your leadership potential and make leadership an integral part of your personal brand. You can create thought leadership, demonstrate people leadership, you can talk leadership, and more.  


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