I’m excited to share 5 insights to help you improve your PERSONAL BRAND!

Recently my friend Sharon Mah-Gin and I have been coaching female executives all over the world on Personal Branding and Networking.  Do you remember Sharon?  She’s the energetic executive recruiter who shared her Networking tips with us in two popular Talk About Talk episodes:

Sharon Mah-Gin & Andrea Wojnicki
Sharon & Andrea (pre-Covid)

We’ve enjoyed coaching executives in 🇨🇳China, 🇦🇺Australia, 🇮🇳 India, 🇸🇪Sweden, 🇬🇧the U.K., 🇳🇬Nigeria, 🇺🇸the U.S., and 🇨🇦Canada… (yes, ONLINE!)

As a coach, the most satisfying thing for me is witnessing the epiphanies experienced by these executives when they articulate their unique personal brand.  Wow.

Based on these workshops, I thought I’d share with you five of the insights that resonate with these global workshop participants:

  1. Filter your Personal Brand
  2. Focus on outlier traits
  3. The significance of LinkedIn
  4. Optimize your online meeting presence
  5. How to introduce yourself

Let’s do this!



How much of our personal lives should we share at work? We all have multiple roles with multiple stakeholders.  We are professionals, leaders, team-mates, friends, parents, neighbors,… How can we be AUTHENTIC in each of these roles, but also professional? One word:


 filter your personal brand (Unsplash @ natedumlao)
image: Unsplash @ natedumlao

Instead of changing who we are, we can FILTER what elements of our identity to share, based on the context and the audience.

Thanks to messaging strategist Tom Megginson for sharing this insight with us in Talk About Talk podcast episode #62  Personal Branding & Authenticity

Tom also highlighted
that we can mend our filter
when we mess up!


Your “personality profile” is NOT what matters.  What matters is where you’re an outlier or where you’re off the charts. 

outlier off the charts (image Unsplash @ will_myers)

What makes you unique?

I mentioned this a few weeks ago in the newsletter focused on PERSONALITY TESTS.

My Myers-Briggs profile is ESTJ.  But the truth is I’m somewhere in the middle on 3 of the 4 traits.  I’m really just an “E,” an “off-the-charts extrovert.”

Considering a few other personality tests, I know I’m also an outlier in terms of conscientiousness (Big-5 personality test) and a fact-finder who’s motivated to simplify (Kolbe). 

Here’s your LINK to the newsletter that lists several personality tests.  My suggestion is that you skim the traits in each of these personality tests to identify where you’re an outlier.  You don’t have to actually take the test!  Just ask yourself: 

Where are you “off the charts”?


Many of the workshop participants didn’t have an updated LinkedIn profile. Everyone in the workshop agreed we need to optimize our profiles based on these 3 insights:

  1. LinkedIn is the largest transparent professional network in the world. According to these statistics, there are > 722million users on LinkedIn and LinkedIn’s goal is to increase that number to 3 billion.
  2. Assuming that LinkedIn is just for job searching is old school!  Individuals and firms are using LinkedIn to network, to sell, and to demonstrate their thought-leadership.
  3. When it comes to Personal Branding, think of LinkedIn as a media-rich resume that you control!  You can include website links, white papers, videos, podcast episodes, and more to your profile.

Is your LinkedIn profile updated?

For more on optimizing your LinkedIn profile, check out episode #62 Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile with Andrew Jenkins.

linkedin is part of your personal brand
Let’s connect!



Online meetings aren’t going away. It’s worth the effort to create an online meeting presence that is professional and that reinforces your personal brand. Three tips:

  1. Camera: Have your camera at eye level. (We don’t want to look up your nose or down on your shiny forehead!)
  2. Lighting: Your face should be well-lit. Make sure the light source is in front of you, not behind you.  (This flexible ring-light has been a life-saver for me!)
  3. Background: Ensure your background looks professional. We don’t want to see your dirty dishes.  We also don’t want to see your bed!  (Bonus points if you add “props” that reinforce your personal brand – books, artwork, a plant, etc.)

your personal brand online - image unsplash @ visuals
image: Unsplash @ visuals

Have you optimized your online meeting presence?


Several workshop participants shared their angst about formally introducing themselves, be it in an online meeting, going around a boardroom table, or at a networking event. They also shared mistakes they’ve experienced or witnessed others making when they introduce themselves, such as taking up too much airtime, sharing inappropriate information, etc.

introducing your personal brand image Unsplash @campaign_creators
image Unsplash @ campaign creators

Here’s a simple script to help you effectively introduce yourself:


Note – it’s not chronological!   But that’s why it’s effective.  Here’s an example:

  1. PRESENT: Hi everyone. My name is ____ and I’m a senior partner at ____ where I focus primarily on ____.
  2. PAST: Recently I finished an engagement with ____ where we successfully ____.
  3. FUTURE: I’m really excited to turn my attention to this project, where we’ll leverage these insights to ____.


Present. Past. Future.
Got it?


That’s it!  I hope these 5 insights help you strengthen your personal brand:

  1. Filter your Personal Brand
  2. Focus on outlier traits
  3. The significance of LinkedIn
  4. Optimize your online meeting presence
  5. How to introduce yourself


THANK YOU to my amazing and talented friend Sharon for partnering with me in these workshops!

Please forward this email to anyone who might appreciate insights on strengthening their personal brandThank you!  

Have a great week.


Talk soon,

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Chief Talker & Communication Coach



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