Strategic Principles of Personal Branding

Before we shift to the 3 STRATEGIC PRINCIPLES of PERSONAL BRANDING… let’s review the most common mistake that people make in terms of their PERSONAL BRAND.  Do you remember what it is?


Instead of copying others, I urge you to focus on your unique traits and qualities – your SUPERPOWERS.

super heroes personal brand (image unsplash @ king_pin)
image: unsplash @ king_pin
Focus on your unique SUPERPOWERS!



  • Remember:  “Unique is better than better.“  Focus on your outlier qualities.
  • Ask yourself this simple Q: What makes me unique? Then focus on that one thing. Be as specific and focused as possible. The benefit here is that a unique and focused brand is easier to understand and also more memorable
  • Two examples of product brands that do this well: Sephora and Trader Joe’s.
    • Sephora is one of the only cosmetics retail chains. They offer a huge section of higher-end cosmetics, and importantly, they provide well-trained experts to help you find exactly what works best for you.
    • Anyone who’s been to a Trader Joe’s grocery store knows it’s a unique brand. Trader Joe’s is ethical, international, and irreverent. Definitely not typical.
sephora has a unique brand     trader joe's has a unique brand
Sephora & Trader Joe’s focus on what makes them UNIQUE



  • Seek to consistently communicate the same brand through every touchpoint you have with others. 
    • Explicit communication: the words you use, how you introduce yourself, your bio, your LinkedIn page…
    • Implicit communication reinforces your Personal Brand through everything you say and write and do, with your body language, through the way you dress, through the associations you establish with people and institutions, with the media through which you communicate…
  • As you consistently integrate and reinforce your personal brand, you’ll come across as genuine and authentic
unique, consistent, integrated
 image: unsplash @ jjying
Integrated & Consistent



  • As humans we mature, we evolve.  Similarly, the world changes, the marketplace evolves, our competitors change, our clients and customers change. By definition, if we don’t also evolve, we become irrelevant.  That goes for both humans and for brands.
  • NOTE:  Principle two is integration and consistency.  Principle 3 is evolution.  Isn’t that a contradiction? Successful brands stay true to their core values and benefits.  But they also stay current and relevant.  Just like we all should with our personal brands!
  • EXAMPLE: NETFLIX – In the 1990s Netflix was a rent-by-mail DVD platform, then a subscription service and now it’s a leader in entertainment production and distribution. 
Netflix has evolved


That’s it! You can learn more about these Strategic Principles of Personal Branding in the most recent Talk About Talk podcast episode.

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Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
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