If you’ve been a Talk About Talk newsletter subscriber for a while, you’ve probably learned a few things about PERSONAL BRANDING.  But I bet you still have some Qs.

Recently I did a LIVE Q&A focused on Personal Branding, with an audience of over 850!!! I hope you’ll listen.  You’ll hear my answers to 13 Qs, moderated by my friend, Maye Samoiel (forensic accountant, consultant, and FishBowl community leader. 😎 COOL, right?).


Talk About Talk #106 - Andrea Wojnicki FishBowl Live Ask An Executive Coach


Does this sound familiar? A few episodes ago, I shared the audio from my first FishBowl Live Q&A session, which focused on general communication skills Qs.

In this week’s Talk About Talk podcast episode, you’ll hear the audio from this 2nd Q&A session, focused on PERSONAL BRANDING. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 3 BENEFITS of developing and managing your Personal Brand
  • The #1 STRATEGIC PRINCIPLE of Personal Branding
  • How to boost your CONFIDENCE
  • My answers to 13 PERSONAL BRANDING Qs!

Why Bother with Personal Branding?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: your Personal Brand is like your credit rating. You may choose to ignore it, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have one. 


Talk About Talk #106 - Personal Branding Questions - Jeff Bezos quote on Personal Branding


And just like your credit rating, it can have a significant effect on your life, both professionally and personally.

Whenever I’m asked why developing a Personal Brand is a worthwhile pursuit I share these 3 REASONS:

1️⃣ Controlling Your Narrative

This doesn’t mean manipulating others. It means presenting yourself to the world the way YOU wish to be perceived. And remember, if you don’t establish your Personal Brand, someone else will do it for you!

2️⃣ Boosting Your Confidence

Part of developing your Personal Brand is articulating your SUPERPOWERS – your area(s) of expertise and the things that you are especially good at.

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Reminding yourself of your superpowers is a surefire way to boost your confidence whenever you’re nervous, or whenever the dreaded impostor syndrome comes creeping in.

3️⃣ Optimizing Your Future

Would you like to be known as the “go to” person in a particular area? Would you like to be sought out for professional opportunities? Developing your Personal Brand is the first step.

And once those opportunities do start coming your way, an established Personal Brand and an ability to articulate your superpowers will help you decide which opportunities are the best fit for you.

UNIQUE is better than better


What do you think is the more effective path to success?

A) Emulating other successful people.
B) Embodying your authentic self.

(Hint: it’s not A!)

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The #1 STRATEGIC PRINCIPLE of Personal Branding is to focus on what makes you UNIQUE

It can be tempting to copy other people who are rocking it, but the thing is, they’re rocking it precisely because they are focused on their unique, authentic selves.

What makes you YOU?

This is the question you should be asking yourself. (This is also another opportunity to articulate your superpowers!)

So stop copying others, stop hiding your authentic self, and start showing the world what sets you apart from the crowd.

NO ONE does YOU like you do!


Talk About Talk #106 - Personal Branding Questions - quote about Personal Branding by Andrea Wojnicki


That’s it for this week! Thanks again to Maye Samoiel for facilitating this engaging Q&A session, and to everyone who participated. 

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