Recently, I was coaching a senior marketing executive with a vivacious personality. This woman is BOLD. As we were running through the various ways she can communicate her bold personal brand, she asked:

“Andrea, what should I WEAR?”

At the time, she was wearing a black suit jacket over a beige shirt. No accessories that I could see.  Lovely hair. I suggested she go with bold accessories and bold colours to reinforce her bold personal brand. I also made a note to myself…

I need to talk to Anne!

Episode-97-Personal-Style-Anne Mulethaler
Anne V. Muhlethaler

Introducing Anne V. Muhlethaler

Anne is my “Fabulous Fashionista Friend” who worked for Christian Louboutin, one of the top shoe designers in the world, for over a decade. She led his global communications!

The iconic Christian Louboutin pump


Today, Anne lives in Geneva and leads AVM Consulting, a luxury branding and communication consultancy.  She’s also:

So my “Fabulous Fashionista Friend” is also a “Swiss Renaissance woman.”  She’s super-smart, she’s got a lot going on, and she agreed to a Talk About Talk interview on “PERSONAL STYLE & YOUR PERSONAL BRAND“!

Episode-97-Personal-Style-Anne Mulethaler-and Andrea Wojnicki

Thank you, Anne!


Your Brief Guide to PERSONAL STYLE

There’s more to PERSONAL STYLE than just how we dress. Anne reminds us at the beginning of the podcast episode that our PERSONAL STYLE also includes:

  • How we WRITE
  • How we SPEAK 
  • How we DECORATE our homes
  • How FORMAL we choose to be
  • How we EXPRESS ourselves

Personal style is also fluid and evolving

Evgeniy Skripnichenko from Getty Images


Think about how you dress for a formal meeting vs. how you dress to walk home. Think about how to write a work email vs. how you would write a text message to a close friend. Each of these scenarios looks different, but all are reflections of your own PERSONAL STYLE.

Is this all a little overwhelming?


A few tips to help you simplify things:

1️⃣ HAIR, HANDS & FEET – I learned this one from a friend years ago: Check your hair, hands and feet, and you’re probably good-to-go! (Thank you, Tania!)

2️⃣ CONSIDER COMPLIMENTS – What meaningful compliments have you received about anything to do with your personal style? (Just go with it!)

3️⃣ THINK FAVOURITES – Do you have a favourite colour or a go-to accessory?  Make that an anchor in your personal style! (Can you guess my favourite colour?) 


Episode 97 Personal Style Andrea Wojnicki
Turquoise makes me happy.


Remember, your PERSONAL STYLE can implicitly communicate your PERSONAL BRAND before you even open your mouth to say a word!

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more, including:

  • How to take “dress for the job you want” to the next level
  • Shopping tips: how to know whether to buy it or not
  • The power of visualizing your personal style

Please forward this link to your friends who might like help with their communication skills and their personal style. Thank you.

Talk soon,

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Chief Talker & Communication Coach

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