If you’re reading this, I bet you have a growth mindset and you’re focused on improving your communication skills. 👏👏👏

Maybe you’re working on your confidence, your body language, or your precision. Or perhaps you’re trying to remember to say something more often.  

Whatever it is, how can you accelerate your adoption of these new and improved habits?

Talk About Talk #120 - Improve Communication Habits - image shows a blackboard. On the left is "Old Habits" with an arrow pointing left. On the right is "New Habits" with an arrow pointing right.
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There are strategies we can employ to help us form new and improved habits. In the latest Talk About Talk podcast episode, I share several simple tactics that have helped me and my clients.

Here’s your summary of two such strategies…

TRACK Your Progress

Are you familiar with this expression?:

Talk About Talk #120 - Improve Communication Habits - quote by unknown author on a teal background: "What gets measured gets done."


A simple and effective way to adopt a new habit is to TRACK your progress. 

Here’s what you do:

  • Write down the habit you’re tracking at the top of a page with a list of numbers from 1-31 (or use a calendar with the habit written at the top).
  • Set a reminder to track your habit at same time every day.
  • Record your progress. Give yourself either a ✔️ or  ❌ depending on how you did that day.

Tracking or measuring your progress is useful because seeing your progress will motivate you to keep getting those checkmarks.

Plus, the reminder you set for yourself serves as another cue to remind you of your new habit.

The #1 Most Effective Way to Improve

I promise you this is not hyperbole! When I say this is the #1 most effective thing you can do to improve your communication habits, I mean it.

Can you guess what it is?

The answer is: RECORDING, then WATCHING yourself.

I did this recently with a coaching client who led a virtual town hall for his large team. A few days after the event, we watched the recording of his session together. This required discipline and vulnerability, but it helped take his communication skills to the next level!

This is also something I’ve done for myself, to evaluate my performance on my own communication goals.

Talk About Talk #120 - Improve Communication Habits - quote by Andrea Wojnicki on a turquoise background: "If you can create an opportunity to record yourself and watch it later, please do so. I promise you it is painful. But that's because you're more critical of yourself than anyone else. I promise you, this works." Talk About Talk #120 - Improve Communication Habits - image of Andrea Wojnicki standing next to a lectern at a speaking engagement

A few months ago I delivered an in-person keynote address, which was also recorded for a virtual audience. I asked the organizers if I could have a copy of the recording to evaluate my performance on my communication goals (demonstrating confidence and empathy, avoiding my crutch words, and using effective body language on stage). 

Trust me it was not easy to press “play”!!!

Yes, it is painful. No, it is not pleasant to watch yourself. But there is no faster way to improve your communication skills. I promise.

Have YOU ever recorded and watched yourself? I wonder what would happen if you did…

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