This week we focus on “AUTHENTICITY” (a.k.a. “the real deal,” or “not putting on airs”).  Authenticity is critical for effective communication, whether we’re talking PERSONALLY or PROFESSIONALLY, managing a brand.

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AUTHENTICITY.  It seems like a buzzword lately, doesn’t it?  I probably should have had “authenticity” on my list of future podcast topics, but it wasn’t, until I met Ana Serrano.  I was at an Ensemble conference several months ago, where Ana was onstage as a panelist.  As I was listening to Ana, I thought, “this woman is BRILLIANT – I have to get her to talk to us!” I introduced myself and she suggested the “authenticity” topic. And here we are!  ?

Ana Serrano is the chief digital officer of the Canadian Film Centre and managing director of its media & entertainment technology accelerator called IDEABOOST. She is also an adjunct professor at OCADu, co-chair of the Open Democracy Project and their annual democracy summit, DemocracyXChange,… She also sits on numerous boards and has received numerous awards from the digital media, film, and theatre industries around the world.  (Yes, WOW.)

Amongst other things you will learn in this AUTHENTICITY podcast:

  •  Definition of authenticity

  • Why authenticity is important

  • How brands revert to inauthentic “green-washing” and “art-washing” and “social-impact-washing” 
  • 2 ways to Evaluate and Communicate authenticity 



Enjoy the podcast! 


AUTHENTICITY in Other Contexts

We can be authentic as INDIVIDUALS and as BRANDS.  How else can we be authentic?

?‍?Authenticity in Art  

There are at least three ways that “authenticity” is used in art:
1. nominal authenticity – correct identification of the artist, or how closely a piece of art conforms to the artist’s intention or to the artistic tradition
2. expressive authenticity  – how much the art piece possesses original or inherent authority, how much sincerity and passion the artist puts into the piece
3. authenticity of the experience – how the art is consumed (experienced) versus the artist’s intention

?Authenticity in I.T.

Authentication also refers to tech-related security, used to check validity or veracity of a user. You may have heard of two-step authentication?


?A Rap Album called “Authentic”!

Do you know which rapper has an album called “Authentic?  It’s L.L.CoolJ.  (Of course!)


?A Horse named “Authentic”! 

“Authentic” is also a horse (b. 2005, U.S.A.), who has won three Olympic medals and two world equestrian medals.  Cool name, right?  Can you guess his nick-name? It’s “Bud.”  (huh?)


HEALTHY Communication

Did you have a chance to listen to last week’s podcast, where Dr. Nadine Kelly (retired MD, practicing yoga instructor, prolific podcaster,…) interviewed ME about “Healthy Communication”?  It was so much fun to be on the other side of the table!

Last week I also participated in a group Zoom phonecall with several of my “Podcasting Fellowship” friends from all over the world.  We meet once a quarter to share podcasting questions and suggestions.  Half way through the meeting, Dr. Nadine Kelly (YogiMD) took us through a group seated-yoga sequence.  Here we are, stretching!  It was amazing!

Dr. Kelly & I are both in the 2nd row.
She is 2nd from the left, and I am 2nd from the right. 


I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast on AUTHENTICITY ! 

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