#104 Communicating Psychological Safety

June 27, 2022Podcast Episodes

Are you communicating and enabling psychological safety? Psychological safety is a key contributor to team performance. A climate of psychological safety means increased learning, creativity, productivity, satisfaction and engagement. Andrea defines what psychological safety is and is not, then she shares several strategies for how we can communicate psychological safety. There are mindsets to adopt, … Read More

“Leadership Potential” – the ūüź£Chicken & the Egg

February 15, 2022Newsletter

Last week I introduced you to my friend,¬†communication expert¬†¬†Judith Humphrey. We¬†focused on one of the biggest obstacles in our¬†path to leadership:¬†imposter syndrome, or what Judith describes as the¬†crow¬†on your shoulder, cackling away, and depleting your confidence.¬† I ‚̧ԳŹlove this¬†crow¬†metaphor.¬† That crow is not you, its message is not true, and you can talk back to … Read More

About that CROW on your Shoulder – blog

February 8, 2022Newsletter

We need to talk about that crow on your shoulder.   Imagine you’re¬†TAKING THE STAGE¬†– it could be a speech,¬†a big meeting, or a presentation to an important client. ¬† Image by¬†jgroup from Getty Images You’re prepared. You¬†did your research. You’ve rehearsed. But you still¬†hear it: that incessant¬†CROW, cackling in your ear:¬† ¬† “You’re not … Read More

Make 3 your default

February 1, 2022Newsletter

Make 3 your default Why make 3 your default? Three is a powerful number that makes it easier for us to understand and recall information. Three is balanced and substantive, without being overwhelming.¬† ¬† In¬†the most recent Talk About Talk episode, I highlighted examples and benefits of the number 3.¬† Image by¬†hakan¬†istemi from Getty Images … Read More

The Power of 3 – blog

January 25, 2022Newsletter

The Power of 3 Have you ever noticed that the number 3 is everywhere? ‚Äú1-2-3-GO!‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúThird time‚Äôs a charm.‚ÄĚ ‚Äú3 strikes and you‚Äôre out!‚ÄĚ Think about it‚Ķ The world around us is full of 3s, and that‚Äôs because there is something uniquely POWERFUL about the number three. (But don‚Äôt take my word for it – … Read More

#93 The Power of THREE

January 24, 2022Podcast Episodes

THREE is a powerful number that we can use to improve our communication. 3 makes things easier to understand and easier to recall.¬† 3 is balanced and substantive, but not overwhelming. Consider the power of 3 in your communication, whether you‚Äôre categorizing, listing, highlighting, influencing, ranking or creating a framework. Make 3 your default. PRINTABLE … Read More

How to Overcome IMPOSTER SYNDROME – blog

September 6, 2021Newsletter

How to Overcome IMPOSTER SYNDROME Need some advice on how to overcome IMPOSTER SYNDROME? Let’s back up. Did you take the IMPOSTER SYNDROME TEST that I sent you last week?¬† (Here’s the LINK.) It’s a fun exercise.¬† But it turns out most of us feel like imposters! image: Unsplash @ Jon Tyson Here are 3 … Read More


August 16, 2021Podcast Episodes

Do you suffer from IMPOSTER SYNDROME? Most of us do! Learn exactly what imposter syndrome is, how to avoid or alleviate imposter syndrome, and some good news: how the discourse (talk) about imposter syndrome has evolved. Link to printable shownotes:https://www.talkabouttalk.com/podcasts/#shownotes CONTENTS Summary Resources Transcript SUMMARY DEFINITION of IMPOSTER SYNDROME Psychologists Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne … Read More

Misconceptions about Introverts, Extroverts, & Ambiverts – blog

August 10, 2021Newsletter

MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT INTROVERTS &¬†EXTROVERTS   Last week we defined¬†INTROVERT,¬†EXTROVERT, and¬†AMBIVERT.¬†¬†This week we cover common misconceptions about these terms.¬†¬† We already covered the first of our 3 misconceptions: We’re all one or the other, an introvert or an extrovert.¬† NOPE!¬†¬†As I mentioned last week, it‚Äôs a continuous scale. In fact, most of us are in the … Read More

Am I an Introvert or an Extrovert? – blog

August 3, 2021Newsletter

“Are you an INTROVERT or an EXTROVERT?” This introvert or extrovert Q is question #3 of the five rapid-fire questions that I ask Talk About Talk podcast guests: What are your pet peeves? What type of learner are you? Introvert or extrovert? What’s your media preference for personal conversations? What podcasts or email newsletters do … Read More


August 2, 2021Podcast Episodes

Introvert or extrovert ‚Äď which one are you?¬† Learn 3 common misconceptions about the introvert/extrovert scale and how to leverage this personality dimension to help you manage your energy and your relationships with others. Link to printable shownotes: https://www.talkabouttalk.com/podcasts/#shownotes ¬† CONTENTS Summary Resources Transcript SUMMARY Image: Unsplash @liydanada DEFINITION of INTROVERTS vs EXTROVERTS INTROVERTS are … Read More

Practicing MINDFUL Communication – talk about talk blog

April 20, 2021Newsletter

How MINDFUL are you? Are you focused or are you oblivious?¬†¬† Yes, I admit that¬†MINDFULNESS is a buzzword these days.¬† But being mindful, being intentional, can elevate our communication effectiveness and even our life satisfaction. Mindfulness & meditation coach, Swiss renaissance woman, Anne V. Muhlethaler For this episode, I interviewed ANNE V. MUHLETHALER, a true … Read More

#74 MINDFULNESS Practicing our Communication Skills with Anne Muhlethaler

April 19, 2021Podcast Episodes

Mindfulness can elevate our communication skills. Learn how to be mindful in specific communication contexts by pausing, communicating with intention, and acknowledging our inner critic. Anne Muhlethaler (yogi, meditation teacher, podcaster and luxury brand consultant) shares her experiences and valuable insights.   Link to PRINTABLE SHOWNOTES:¬† https://www.talkabouttalk.com/podcasts/#shownotes CONTENTS Summary Resources Andrea‚Äôs Introduction Interview Transcript Andrea‚Äôs … Read More


April 12, 2021Newsletter

PERSONALITY TESTS Let’s talk about personality tests. This week it’s all about YOU!¬† As in your individual, unique, very own PERSONALITY… (image: Unsplash @ georgeprentzas) I know this is a popular topic.¬†We are intrinsically wired to seek to understand and learn about ourselves.¬† PERSONALITY is one of the most searched terms on the TalkAboutTalk.com website! … Read More

“Practice Makes Perfect”? blog

March 23, 2021Newsletter

‚ÄúPractice makes perfect.‚ÄĚ Right? Maybe not! (Just ask¬†ūüŹÄ¬†Allen Iverson…) “Practice makes perfect” is a cliche. Practice can certainly elevate our performance, be it playing sports, playing a musical instrument, or making a client presentation. It occurred to me recently that while we talk¬†a lot about various aspects of communication (like networking and personal branding and … Read More

Gender differences in communication men vs women – blog

March 16, 2021Newsletter

GENDER DIFFERENCES IN COMMUNICATION Certainly, gender differences exist: ‚ÄúMen are direct. Women are emotional‚Ķ.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúMen are from Mars, women are from Venus.‚Ä̬† You‚Äôve probably heard the comments and perhaps you‚Äôve witnessed¬†differences between how men and women talk. Recently a few people asked me about the differences between how men and women communicate. Like you, I‚Äôve … Read More


January 5, 2021Newsletter

Let’s focus. 2021 has the potential to be an amazing year. Certainly, there are some things we can’t control, but many things we can. It just takes a little FOCUS. Read on to learn how you can leverage your awareness and ability to FOCUS. FOCUSING can¬†help you succeed in many contexts: focusing your New Year’s … Read More

Top 3s from 2020 – blog

December 28, 2020Newsletter

2020 – What a year, right? With just a few days left in 2020, I thought I’d share with you some insights and recommendations, including: the top 3 trending Talk About Talk podcast episodes the 3 most clicked-on Talk About Talk newsletters 3 key communication insights from 2020 3 things we will be focusing on … Read More

Giving as a means of implicit communication – blog

December 22, 2020Newsletter

On GIVING as a means of communication – It’s the season of¬†GIVING!¬†¬†Have you ever considered: ¬†GIVING = COMMUNICATING We say a lot when we give gifts, advice, compliments,… Think about the implicit communication associated with¬†what we give,¬†to whom, and how. Read on to learn: 5 different¬†ways we give (beyond gift-giving) what¬†science¬†says about¬†giving 3 ways to … Read More

Asking for HELP – blog

August 25, 2020Newsletter

On ASKING FOR HELP This week we focus on ASKING FOR HELP, for example when you: aren’t sure how to do something, but you know someone who has the expertise are working towards a tight deadline and you need help to get it done in time need to increase your budget ‚Äď you need to … Read More

Your Name & Your Identity – blog

August 4, 2020Newsletter 1 Comment

This week we focus on another aspect of our personal and professional IDENTITY: our NAME! Over the past month we’ve covered¬†ARCHETYPES¬†101, ¬†ARCHETYPES & FEMALE POP STARS, and¬†PERSONALITY.¬† Are you getting the theme here? It’s all about¬†IDENTITY. What does YOUR NAME say about you? Read on to learn: What your name means How our names¬†affect us … Read More

Talk About OPTIMISM – blog

June 8, 2020Newsletter

On OPTIMISM and communicating POSITIVITY – There’s a lot to be gloomy about these days, isn’t there?¬† As one of my kids announced this week, “2020 is the worst year ever.¬† There’s Kobe,¬†COVID-19, murder hornets, police brutality,¬†looting….”¬† (This comes from a kid who hasn’t even seen that many years!) There’s no question that our collective … Read More

Talk About Open Source Strategy & Competition – blog

June 1, 2020Newsletter

This week we’re moving on from EMOTIONS and NEGOTIATIONS to COMPETITION and Open Source Strategy! Read on to learn about: Podcast #51 – COMPETITION with open source strategy expert Dr. Mekki MacAulay (Un)Healthy Competition – and what to do about it! Open Source Strategy 101 – your primer! You can skim this blog or click … Read More

Getting all EMOTIONAL – blog

May 18, 2020Newsletter

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing an academic researcher about an important communication-related topic: EMOTIONAL EXPRESSIONS. So I’ve got your head ? and your heart ?covered this week. Unfortunately for some people, expressing certain emotions may be taboo. But have you noticed that people (including political leaders) are slowly starting to express their emotions … Read More

#50 EMOTIONS with researcher & educator Tatiana Astray – podcast

May 18, 2020Podcast Episodes 5 Comments

Managing our emotional expressions is critical to effective communication. Emotions researcher Tatiana Astray helps us optimize our relationships and negotiation outcomes by taking responsibility for our emotional expressions. Learn about the difference between feelings and emotions, why we should express enthusiasm, how to manage negative emotions, and all about the positivity ratio. CONTENTS ‚ÄĘ Summary … Read More

Feeling Inspired during COVID-19 – blog

April 28, 2020Newsletter

You’ll be inspired after reading this blog!¬†¬†Read on to learn: How to rock it in ZOOM meetings Inspired COVID-19 projects undertaken¬†by past Talk About Talk podcast guests ROCKING THE ZOOM A few of you asked me to share some ZOOM tips. Here are 5 Zoom pointers that stand out for me: 1ÔłŹ‚É£¬†Use the MUTE Button … Read More

How to be SOCIAL at a distance blog

March 30, 2020Newsletter

How to be SOCIAL While Physically Distant Humans need social interaction.¬† You’ve probably heard that¬†social support is correlated with longevity, right? Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, we all need to be social. Here are 5 ways you can be SOCIAL while physically distant: 1ÔłŹ‚É£¬†Track your daily connections Every morning, update your¬†list of the … Read More

Talk About …. Introverts and Extraverts

February 17, 2020Newsletter 1 Comment

This week we focus on the Introvert/Extravert scale. When I asked Dr. Nadine Kelly, the guest expert from last week’s podcast, “Are you an Introvert or an Extravert?”, she said, “I think a good solid mix of both. I used to think I wasn’t extraverted but I don’t think you can be a podcaster and … Read More

Talk About … GOOD news and BAD news

January 20, 2020Newsletter

This week we focus on “the good news and the bad news.”¬† Which would YOU rather hear first? Let’s do this! Which do you want to hear¬†first? The GOOD news or the BAD news? Most people want to get the bad news out of the way.¬†According to academic research, 78% of us prefer to hear … Read More

Talk About… Dealing with Difficult People

December 17, 2019Newsletter

This week we’re talking about a topic that was suggested by several of you: “How to Deal with Difficult People.” You know – the difficult ones, the grumpy guy,¬†the trolls, the “NO¬†man,” the toxic-types…¬† You can skim this short email or click the links to learn more. Let’s do this… The Podcast: “How to deal … Read More

Talk about… Our Mental Health

November 6, 2019Newsletter

It’s November!¬† I hope you enjoyed the extra daylight-savings hour last weekend!¬†¬†‚Źį Did you have a chance to listen to last week’s podcast ?TALKING MONEY?¬† If yes, had you had any conversations with your parents or your partner or your children about money? Thanks to guest expert Kelly Harper for sharing her advice to make … Read More

#36 Talking YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH with Nicole German, founder of The Maddie Project

November 5, 2019Podcast Episodes 4 Comments

Youth mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression are common. Nicole German, founder of The Maddie Project, shares her experience and thoughtful advice to parents, family members, coaches, teachers, anyone who interacts with youth.¬† We need to step-it-up with awareness, empathy, and advocacy. ‚ÄúAnything we can do is goodness.‚ÄĚ Doing little things and doing … Read More

Talk About… an IMPROV Invitation, WHY We Talk, DISAGREEMENTS & YouTube!

October 22, 2019Newsletter

More on IMPROV¬†& a Monkey Toast¬†INVITATION… Understanding WHY We Talk How to Talk When We DISAGREE and more! You can skim this short email or click the links to learn more! Let’s do this…. ?¬†More on¬†IMPROV & an Invitation… Did you have a chance to listen to last week’s ?podcast:¬†Lessons From the IMPROV Stage¬†with¬†improv comedians, … Read More


October 9, 2019Newsletter

This week we focus on “AUTHENTICITY”¬†(a.k.a. “the real deal,” or “not putting on airs”).¬† Authenticity is critical for effective communication, whether we’re talking PERSONALLY or PROFESSIONALLY, managing a brand. You can skim this short email or click the links to learn more! Let’s do this…. ?PODCAST EPISODE #33: COMMUNICATING AUTHENTICITY AUTHENTICITY.¬† It seems like a … Read More

#33 Communicating AUTHENTICITY with Ana Serrano

October 8, 2019Podcast Episodes 2 Comments

Authenticity is important for both people and for brands. But what does it really mean to “be authentic”?¬† Ana Serrano (CFC chief digital officer) shares her expertise on authenticity, including how¬†the digital realm has amplified the performative nature of authenticity and how inauthentic¬†‚Äúgreen-washing,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúart-washing‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúsocial impact washing‚Ä̬†on behalf of brands can backfire. Printable (PDF) … Read More

#27 POSITIVE SELF-TALK & the 3Es of WELLNESS with Tosca Reno

August 19, 2019Podcast Episodes

Positive self-talk can make you healthier, happier, and more successful! Tosca Reno, Eat Clean founder and master wellness coach shares her advice for positive self-talk, including the Three Es of Wellness (Eat Clean, Exercise and Emotional self-care), her rituals, her mantras, and even her tattoos! SHOWNOTES Contents Key Learnings References & Links Andrea‚Äôs Commentary Interview … Read More

Talk About…. SELF-TALK 3of3: Tattoos, Mantras & more!

August 19, 2019Newsletter

Here we are with¬†the 3rd & final episode in our Talk About Talk¬†? series on¬†SELF-TALK: (Self-Talk 1of3 Ep.25)¬†– Two weeks ago, we focused on¬†BUILDING RESILIENCE¬†with¬†Tosca Reno (Self-Talk 2of3 Ep.26)¬†– Last week I summarized some research on¬†SELF-TALK &¬†5 MINDSETS¬†we should seek to adopt (Self-Talk 3of3 Ep.27)¬†– This week, Tosca Reno is back with us, with¬†POSITIVE SELF-TALK … Read More

Talk About… SELF-TALK 2of3: MINDSETS

August 14, 2019Newsletter

I hope you had a chance to listen to episode #25: “BUILDING RESILIENCE: Sets & Reps – with Eat Clean founder & master wellness coach Tosca Reno! A few of you told me that you’ve read her books and even participated in her wellness programs.¬† She is so inspiring, isn’t she? Well GUESS WHAT?!? Tosca … Read More

#26 SELF-TALK & MINDSETS with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki (Self-Talk 2of3)

August 14, 2019Podcast Episodes 1 Comment

Self-Talk ‚Äď we could all be more mindful. Positive self-talk can significantly affect our life satisfaction. Let‚Äôs start by adopting five positive mindsets: optimism, perseverance, self-control, focusing on relationships, and being grateful. Then, there are five things we can do right now to improve our self-talk: we can practice gratitude, we can start journaling, we … Read More


August 7, 2019Newsletter

Did you have¬†a chance to listen to¬†episode #24‚ÄúThe ABCDEs of Communication‚ÄĚ ? If not, I encourage you to do so – or, if you prefer, you might want to read about it in the¬†LinkedIn paper I wrote.¬† Here is your cheat-sheet again with the¬†5 steps: This week we kick off a 3-episode ? series on¬†SELF-TALK.¬† … Read More

#25 BUILDING RESILIENCE: Sets & Reps – with Eat Clean founder & master wellness coach Tosca Reno

August 7, 2019Podcast Episodes 6 Comments

Resilience: the capacity to recover from adversity. Meet Tosca Reno, “the woman with 9 lives,” Eat Clean founder, and master wellness coach.¬† In this, the first in this 3-episode series on Self-Talk, Tosca takes us through the “set and reps” necessary for resilience, including seeking challenges, positive stress (or eustress), taking ownership, practicing gratitude, and … Read More

Talk & Learn about …. TRUST (& Body Language & Scams…)

June 17, 2019Newsletter

I hope you had a great week!¬† Over the past few weeks, we have talked Supporting our Grieving Friends, Friendships, and Talking with our Doctor. This week, we talk and¬†learn about TRUST – an absolutely imperative element of communication.¬† Trust me! (You can skim this short email or dive in to the many links¬†to learn … Read More

Talk and Learn About… Our POSSESSIONS

May 8, 2019Newsletter 1 Comment

I hope you had a great week!¬† Based on last week’s blog & featured podcast (“FASHION & STYLE“) – Did you donate any clothing yet? Did you buy anything you will keep for >10years?¬†In this week’s Talk About Talk email blog, we talk and¬†learn about POSSESSIONS (our STUFF!).¬† (You can skim this short email or … Read More

#17 (S2) WHAT OUR POSSESSIONS SAY with award-winning marketing professor Russell Belk

May 8, 2019Podcast Episodes

What do our possessions say about us? Award-winning marketing professor Russell Belk talks about how our possessions (including our clothing, cars, people, collections, gifts, social media pages,‚Ķ) become part of our identity ‚Äďor our extended self. Professor Belk highlights the significance of the sharing economy and de-materialization, cultural differences, and our evolving identities in relation … Read More

Talk & Learn About….. CREATIVITY!

March 21, 2019Newsletter

This week we Talk and Learn About CREATIVITY (including the benefits of creativity and how to experience flow)¬† (You can skim this short email or dive in to the many links if you would like to learn more!) ?FIRST – THE CREATIVITY PODCAST This week’s podcast is a little different than previous episodes.¬†Sure,¬†you will LEARN … Read More

#12 EXPRESSING YOUR CREATIVITY with Jenn Purkis, Daryl Aitken & Lori Ryerson

March 20, 2019Podcast Episodes 2 Comments

Learn about creativity: Listen as Jenn, Daryl and Lori share the benefits of being creative, including experiencing happiness and flow, slowing down and being more mindful, being more open-minded, creating something you are proud of, and travel! Learn about creativity and how creativity is a catalyst to grow and to experience life. Printable shownotes: https://talkabouttalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/SHOWNOTES-12-EXPRESSING-YOUR-CREATIVITY-with-Daryl-Aitken-Jenn-Purkis-Lori-Ryerson.pdf … Read More

STORYTELLING with Harvard Professor Jerry Zaltman – blog

March 14, 2019Newsletter

Based on the storytelling podcast with Jerry Zaltman: metaphors, memes vs. GIFs, and 5 fascinating facts about stories (You can skim this email or click on one of the many LINKS to learn more!) ?FIRST ‚Äď THE PODCAST For this week’s podcast, I am thrilled to introduce you to one of my favourite professors of … Read More

#11 STORYTELLING with Harvard professor & author Jerry Zaltman

March 13, 2019Podcast Episodes 2 Comments

How’s your storytelling? In this podcast, Harvard professor & author Jerry Zaltman shares his expertise on what makes for great storytelling, the power of metaphors, and how, in addition to reading, writing and talking (yes!) can also be powerful modes of discovery. SHOWNOTES – Storytelling Contents Key Learnings References & Links Andrea‚Äôs Commentary Interview Transcript … Read More

Talk About … COLOUR!

March 6, 2019Newsletter 1 Comment

This week we Talk About COLOUR – colour theory, trends, how we communicate with it, five fascinating facts, colour of the year, and quotes! (you can skim this blog or click on the many LINKS to learn more) ?FIRST ‚Äď THE PODCAST For¬†this week‚Äôs¬†podcast focusing on¬†COLOUR, I interview three talented guest experts whose careers all … Read More

Talk About – Your PERSONAL BRAND – blog

February 28, 2019Newsletter

This week we Talk About BRANDS (your personal brand, brand management frameworks & the top brands!)¬† ?FIRST – THE PODCAST For this week’s podcast, I had the privilege of interviewing CEO and team performance expert Michael Boydell.¬†Sounds intimidating, right? But Michael is very down-to-earth and honest–AUTHENTIC.¬† He describes several exercises that anyone can run through … Read More

Talk About – COACHING – blog

February 21, 2019Newsletter

This week we Talk About Coaching! ?FIRST – THE PODCAST Getting an hour of Elite Camps founder¬†Stephanie Rudnick‘s time for a podcast interview was a coup. Stephanie agreed to do the interview when our sons were practicing basketball at a high school.¬† We looked for an open classroom in the high school, but alas, the … Read More

#8 COACHING – with Elite Camps founder Stephanie Rudnick

February 20, 2019Podcast Episodes 2 Comments

Good coaching means effective communication.¬†Elite Camps founder Stephanie Rudnick shares advice about ego, consistency, managing the ups-and-downs, and playing favourites. For parents, we learn about the ill-effects of helicopter parenting and how young athletes prefer to hear about our epic fails. Whether you’re a coach, a teacher, a manager and/or a parent, Stephanie has some … Read More