January 24, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter, Taboo Topics

Let’s talk Profanity, shall we? Profanity evolves over time. At one time, cursing deities or cursing God was considered the worst, most profane language possible.  For some time, words about sex and our bodies (including our 💩 excrement) were the most profane. Linguistics Professor Darin Flynn believes that these days, the worst words in our language … Read More


January 17, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter

Most of us think we have higher than average self-awareness.  But research shows that only 10-15% of us actually have high self-awareness. As a communication coach, it’s easy for me to convince myself that I’m one of those 10% with high self awareness. But then every now and then I get some feedback, directly, or … Read More

Communication Resolution

January 10, 2024Communication Coaching Newsletter

Happy New Year!  Do you know what the top three most common resolutions are?  You can probably guess: exercising more eating healthier losing weight I can’t help you with THOSE, but I can help you set and achieve important communication resolutions. Based on all the research, reading, and coaching I did over the past year, … Read More

Helping you avoid resume mistakes

November 29, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter, Personal Branding

I get a lot of people asking for my input to their resume or CV. I guess this isn’t surprising, based on all the work I do with clients on developing their personal brands. Recently I mentioned this to my friend, executive recruiter  Sharon Mah-Gin, whom you might know from podcast episodes on networking and job-searching. We lamented about how … Read More

The DON’Ts and DO’s of AI

November 21, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

TRUTH: I was little nervous about releasing the most recent podcast episode focused on AI.  I mean, who am I to talk tech? ALSO THE TRUTH: I received more emails and social media messages thanking and congratulating me on this episode than any other recent episode. What’s the lesson here? Sometimes taking a risk – beyond your comfort … Read More

#130: Communication Skills Q&A with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

June 26, 2023Communicating With Confidence, Personal Branding, Podcast Episodes

Andrea answers nine communication skills questions from Talk About Talk listeners, including how to deal with negative people, how to network when you’re working from home, gender differences in communication, and more.   Resources: “Smart Brevity” book by Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen & Roy Schwartz “Your Brain at Work” by Dr. David Rock (S.C.A.R.F. model) … Read More

Let’s Keep it POSITIVE!

May 9, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Are you a POSITIVE person?  We all have bad days, and it’s normal to not feel positive about things 100% of the time, but according to academic research, there are real benefits to keeping it positive! 3 things to Talk About this week: 1. The “Magic” Relationship Ratio 2. Sometimes the best advice is what NOT … Read More


May 2, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

You’ve probably heard about the power of positive SELF-TALK, but what about SELF-LISTENING?  This week, I’m thrilled to explore this topic and share insights from a recent conversation with my friend, the talented Jill Nykoliation. I’m even more excited because you can now WATCH this and future Talk About Talk podcast episodes on YOUTUBE! Please subscribe, … Read More

#126 The Power of Self-Listening with Jill Nykoliation

May 1, 2023Podcast Episodes

What is self-listening? Self-listening is self-awareness and focusing on your unique identity. In this conversation between Andrea and advertising veteran Jill Nykoliation, you’ll learn Jill’s advice on listening to yourself, overcoming imposter syndrome, pausing and asking yourself questions, and journaling!   Now on YouTube! – Resources Episode #75 “Communicate Like a Boss Part 1 … Read More

What’s the most common Personal Branding mistake?

April 18, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter, Personal Branding

People make all sorts of mistakes when they’re developing their personal brand. Can you guess what’s the most common Personal Branding mistake?  Read on to learn that and more… 3 things to Talk About this week: 1️⃣ 3 common Personal Branding mistakes (yes, including the most common mistake) 2️⃣ Take the Communication Skills Poll (I want to hear from … Read More

3 things to Talk About this week

March 21, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

If you’re a new Talk About Talk newsletter subscriber – WELCOME!  If you’re a long-time subscriber, you’ll notice here that I’m trying something new. Each week, I’m going to share THREE THINGS with you. (Yes, “The Power of 3 “!)   My goal is to provide a brief summary of three different things that will … Read More

#123 Adopting a GROWTH MINDSET

March 20, 2023Podcast Episodes

There are many reasons to adopt a growth mindset.  Andrea explains why adopting a growth mindset is the #1 most impactful yet underleveraged skill, how thinking about prototyping can help you adopt a growth mindset, plus her three ideas for how you can adopt a growth mindset right now!   CONTENTS Resources Transcript RESOURCES   … Read More

#121 SELF-AWARENESS & Communication

February 20, 2023Communicating With Confidence, Personal Branding, Podcast Episodes

How self-aware are you? Andrea shares the definition of self-awareness, different types of self-awareness, and how we can improve our communication effectiveness by being more self-aware.   RESOURCES The 3 Point Body Language Scan Podcast Episode: Talk About Talk Website: LinkedIn: Andrea and TalkAboutTalk Weekly Communication Skills Newsletter – Email –    

#120 From Intention to Real Change – How to Improve Your Communication Habits

February 6, 2023Communicating With Confidence, Podcast Episodes

Andrea shares several suggestions that she and her clients use to adopt improved communication habits. Whether it’s a new philosophy, words you’re trying to use (or avoid), or different body language, simple tactics to cue these new habits will help you succeed.     RESOURCES   ATOMIC HABITS by James Clear: S.M.A.R.T. Goals: … Read More

Learning To Lead

December 7, 2021Communicating With Confidence, Communication Coaching Newsletter

Learning to Lead Focused on learning to lead? Are you seeking a LEADERSHIP position? Perhaps you’re looking for that promotion or perhaps you’re struggling with your “leadership style.”  Or maybe your boss just said those magic words: “It’s time to start demonstrating leadership.” Whatever the case, leadership skills are in high demand and I believe … Read More

The Future of Learning – blog

November 17, 2020Communication Coaching Newsletter

This week we’re focusing on THE FUTURE OF LEARNING.  Rapid adoption of educational technology is one silver lining of the otherwise devastating COVID pandemic.  Read on to learn: 5 ways that online educational platforms help students and educators 5 things I wish I knew before I started teaching! What type of advice we should accept (and … Read More


November 16, 2020Podcast Episodes

Learn 5 key communication insights for educators, including the positive impact of technology in the classroom.  Chris Besse shares how edtech platforms like Edsby make education more student-centric, they enable communication and collaboration, they enable accessibility and immediacy of information, and they encourage students to learn how to learn.   REFERENCES Chris Besse & Edsby … Read More