You may not think so, but managing your Personal Brand is kind of like managing your credit rating. 

Have you been putting off focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND?

Maybe it’s been on your “to do” list for a while, but you were focusing other things that felt more pressing.

Developing your Personal Brand may not feel urgent, but it is something that can yield REAL benefits!


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Why should I devote time and energy to developing my
Personal Brand?

Whenever I’m asked this question, there are 3 MAIN REASONS that come to mind:

1️⃣ It allows you to CREATE YOUR OWN NARRATIVE
2️⃣ It provides you with CONFIDENCE AND CREDIBILITY

In the latest Talk About Talk episode, you’ll learn more about the reasons WHY we don’t prioritize Personal Branding, and the reasons why we SHOULD.

You’ll also hear from Nataša Obermajer, an oncologist based in Belgium who researches cancer treatments, and one of the most remarkable people I’ve had the privilege of coaching.

If you didn’t believe in the Power of Personal Branding before, Nataša’s story will have you convinced!

Controlling Your NARRATIVE

If you don’t create your own Personal Brand, somebody else might do it for you… and you may not like the results. (Just ask Hillary Clinton!)

Managing your Personal Brand is kind of like
managing your credit rating. 

There are many people who ignore their credit rating, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have one. Ditto your Personal Brand.Your Personal Brand is your IDENTITY or REPUTATION. It’s how other people PERCEIVE you, and it’s a way to COMMUNICATE what you’d like people to know about you without saying a word.

Investing the time to develop and strategically manage your Personal Brand puts YOU in the driver’s seat.

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It allows YOU to construct the personal narrative you need to implicitly and explicitly introduce your authentic self to the world.

Communicating with CONFIDENCE

Have any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind while in a meeting?

“Please don’t call on me.”
“I shouldn’t be here.”
“Seriously, what am I even doing here?”

I think we’ve all been there.

You never know when imposter syndrome will rear its ugly head, but being able to lean on your Personal Brand, and particularly your SUPERPOWER, can help you feel more CONFIDENT in the moment.

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Leaning on your Personal Brand can do more than ELEVATE ⬆️ your confidence in meetings. 

Feeling nervous about having to INTRODUCE 🤝 yourself to new people? Remind yourself of your Personal Brand and your Superpower.


You can also build confidence by taking the time to identify your Superpower and develop your Personal Brand, and that can be extremely satisfying!


“What job should I take?”
“What career path should I pursue?”

Let’s face it: sometimes decision making is hard, especially when it feels like your future success and happiness are riding on that decision.

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This is when Personal Branding is your best friend.A defined and focused Personal Brand will help to:

➡️ Simplify the decision making process – When you know how you want the world to perceive you it’s easier to choose the things that are the right fit for you.

➡️ Bring relevant and exciting opportunities your way – When your identity is firmly established in the minds of key stakeholders it’s easier for them to find you when they need someone with your expertise.

➡️ Establish you as the “go to” person in your field – Ask yourself what you’d like to be known for and develop a Personal Brand to match. 

That’s it for this week! Listen to the latest episode to learn more about The Power of PERSONAL BRANDING. You can also check out the Talk About Talk Talk About Talk website to access more Personal Branding resources, including:

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