To communicate with confidence you have to MENTALLY PREPARE. 

Read on to learn:
  • A simple (“4P’s”) formula to help you MENTALLY PREPARE 
  • How to PIRATE Confidence!
  • What’s your MAGIC NUMBER?


How CONFIDENT are YOU, on a scale of 1-10?

Over the next 3 weeks, we’re going to focus on the #1 most common topic that I’m asked about: How to COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE

I get why this topic is so salient for people. Confident people are:

  • trusted
  • admired
  • listened to
  • promoted (and more likely to become leaders!)
confidence - like a boss
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But it’s not easy, is it? The good news is that CONFIDENCE can be learned!

Let’s do this!


MENTALLY PREPARE to Communicate with Confidence:
The 4Ps


In this week’s ? podcast I focus on how to MENTALLY PREPARE for a big event – when you really need to COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE.  

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It could be a speech, a big meeting, a job interview… 

We’re not talking content.  I’m not going to tell you how to ✍️write your speech or what questions to anticipate in that job interview! 

Communicating with Confidnce mental preparation Talk About Talk

In  this episode I share  FOUR THINGS you can do to MENTALLY PREPARE for a big event. To make it easy for you to memorize, I labeled them as “The 4 P’s”:

  1. Practice: as in rehearse
  2. Proverb: as in adopt a mantra
  3. Pep Talk: as in talking it through with a trusted colleague
  4. Pirate: as in copying that confident feeling

In this podcast you’ll also hear about my most ? embarrassing moment onstage…

The good news is that CONFIDENCE CAN BE LEARNED!

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ENJOY the Podcast!

?‍☠️ How to PIRATE Confidence

Pirates have plenty of confidence, don’t they?

pirates have confidence
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But we’re talking about a different kind of PIRATE. We’re talking PIRATE as in pirating software, pirating movies, as in reproducing or COPYING

Let me tell you a story. 

Years ago as a young faculty member I was asked to give a marketing lecture in the biggest auditorium at the university.  I was used to the MBA classroom with 70-80 students.  This was significantly bigger – like hundreds. I couldn’t even see the back of the auditorium! So I was excited but NERVOUS!

There was a spotlight on me onstage and I wore a headset with a ?microphone  – yes, like a ?⭐️rock star…  

confidence on stage
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So I pirated some confidence. This is embarrassing, but I channeled Madonna.  In my mind I pictured Madonna onstage at a concert, and I emulated her. No, I didn’t sing or dance, but I definitely felt her confidence!
Nowadays when I have a big presentation, I emulate the confidence I felt during that experience.  I remember how it felt, and that gives me confidence that I can do it again.

Here are two ways that YOU can PIRATE confidence:


  • Think about your favourite performer (musician, actor, public speaker,…) onstage, rocking it. 
  • Imagine yourself feeling that confident, then emulate it.


  • Think about a success you had. Channel what you did and how you felt
  • Replicate that confidence from the past to make it a reality once more. 
you got this - confidence
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 What’s Your MAGIC NUMBER?

Your MAGIC NUMBER is the number of times you have to rehearse or practice a speech until you’re confident that you can go onstage and nail it.

Your magic number might go down over time – as you practice practicing.  But even the most seasoned presenters practice.  “Practice makes perfect.”

Just ask an athlete!


Stephanie Rudnick of Elite Camps
Stephanie Rudnick, founder of Elite Camps

I learned about this magic number from my friend Stephanie Rudnick, whom I interviewed last year for the Talk About Talk podcast episode on COACHING.  Stephanie learned the importance of practice as a young basketball player. She played university basketball, then she founded Elite Camps.  She’s also an author and speaker.

In the podcast interview, Stephanie shares how she practices her speeches (alone at home or in a hotel room) NINE TIMES.  Stephanie’s magic number is 9.

My magic number for podcasts is 2.  For speeches it’s 5.

What’s YOUR Magic Number?

Are you ready to communicate with confidence?

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Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
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