Welcome to the Q&A! Dr. Andrea answers listeners’ questions – personal Qs, communication Qs & podcasting Qs. You’ll hear about her biggest success & failure, why you should pick up the phone, advice on small talk and giving constructive feedback, and the #1 most important communication skill.



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Talk About Talk Episodes

·      #1 BODY LANGUAGE with Cynthia Barlow

·      #2 USING YOUR VOICE – with baritone opera singer Bradley Christensen.

·      #3 WHY WE TALK with Andrea Wojnicki

·      #4 LANGUAGE with Dr Josep Gonzalez

·      #5 PR / PUBLIC RELATIONS with Graeme Harris

·      #6 RATINGS & REVIEWS with Nancy Peterson

·      #7 SOCIAL MEDIA with Andrew Jenkins

·      #8 COACHING with Stephanie Rudnick

·      #9 YOUR PERSONAL BRAND with Michael Boydell

·      #10 COLOUR with Daryl Aitken, Jenn Purkis & Lori Ryerson

·      #11 STORYTELLING – with Harvard professor Jerry Zaltman

·      #12 CREATIVITY with Jenn Purkis, Lori Ryerson & Daryl Aitken

·      #13 SEASON ONE Highlights & Bloopers

·      #14 SIBLINGS with Brian Campbell

·      #15 A.I. with Avi Goldfarb

·      #16 FASHION & STYLE with Carolyn Quinn

·      #17 POSSESSIONS with Russell Belk

·      #18 FONTS & EMOJIS with Patrick Griffin

·      #19 SUPPORTING OUR GRIEVING FRIENDS with Andrea Warnick

·      #20 TALKING TO YOUR DOCTOR with Dr. Joshua Tepper

·      #21 TRUST with Baron Manett

·      #22 FUNNY TALK with Hillary Anger Elfenbein

·      #23 PROFANITY (CLEAN) with Darin Flynn

·     #24 The ABCDEs of Communication with Andrea Wojnicki

·      #25 BUILDING RESILIENCE with Tosca Reno

·      #26 SELF TALK & MINDSETS with Andrea Wojnicki

·      #27 POSITIVE SELF TALK with Tosca Reno

·      #28 COMMUNICATING CHANGE with Ellen Auster


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