Beyond jumping around like a hooligan, what do you think communicating your ENTHUSIASM looks like?


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Communicating enthusiasm can involve a combination of actions, depending on the context. (You probably wouldn’t communicate enthusiasm to your boss in the same way you would to a 5 year old, am I right?) 

In the latest Talk About Talk podcast episode, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what enthusiasm IS (an expression) and what it ISN’T (a feeling)
  • WHY enthusiasm is so powerful
  • HOW to communicate your enthusiasm
Keep reading to learn 5 specific ways that you can express enthusiasm…


Expressions of enthusiasm are a simple but effective way to set yourself up for success in a variety of situations, including negotiations, sales meetings, and teaching.


Talk About Talk #108 - Communicating Enthusiasm - quote about enthusiasm by Gordon Parks


But what does this look like in practical terms?
How can you make enthusiasm a habit?

I have five simple and actionable recommendations to help you create your own enthusiasm habit:


  • Responding to emails or phone messages promptly can demonstrate your enthusiasm for the project and for working with your colleagues.
  • Attending a meeting? Showing up early is a great way to communicate your enthusiasm without saying a word.

2️⃣ Show Enthusiasm IMMEDIATELY

  • As in, demonstrate enthusiasm early on in your communication.
  • For maximum impact, be enthusiastic right out of the gates, when you’re making that first impression.


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3️⃣ Use your BODY LANGUAGE

  • Body language is an opportunity to communicate enthusiasm before you even have a chance to speak.
  • Be big and expansive, not small and hiding.
  • Look the other person in the eye, and don’t forget to smile!

4️⃣ Strike the right TONE

  • Go for faster, louder, and happier.
  • In written communication, you can convey an enthusiastic tone by adding in exclamation points. (I’ve been known to pepper my writing with exclamation points, but it’s genuine, I promise!)


Talk About Talk #108 - Communicating Enthusiasm - quote about enthusiasm by Walter Chrysler


5️⃣ Choose the right WORDS

  • Words may be the most direct way to communicate your enthusiasm. 
  • Select words that convey your energy and excitement: amazing, awesome, incredible, outstanding. (But don’t go overboard! You don’t need to use the entire contents of your thesaurus.)
  • Be explicit about your enthusiasm and say, “I’m really enthusiastic about this project!”


Talk About Talk #108 - Communicating Enthusiasm - image of children dressed as businesspeople raising their arms and cheering

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That’s it for this week! I hope this has left you feeling enthusiastic about communicating your enthusiasm!

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