Last week I introduced you to my friend, communication expert  Judith Humphrey. We focused on one of the biggest obstacles in our path to leadership: imposter syndrome, or what Judith describes as the crow on your shoulder, cackling away, and depleting your confidence. 

I ❤️love this crow metaphor. 

That crow is not you,
its message is not true,
and you can talk back to that crow!

This week we focus on what comes next

Whether your boss made the suggestion or whether it’s your own initiative, you realize it’s time to start DEMONSTRATING LEADERSHIP.

Wait!  Isn’t this a 🐣chicken-before-the-egg situation?  How am I supposed to “demonstrate leadership potential” when I’m not in a “position of leadership”?


Episode 94 - Taking the Stage - Leadership Potential - chicken and egg

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And what’s with all the bird metaphors?

Read on for some great tips for how you can demonstrate leadership starting right now!


First of all, Judith recommends that you determine whether your boss is genuinely interested in promoting you. This is critical! If you make the effort, will you be rewarded? Ask yourself:

Is my boss willing & able to elevate me?

If the answer is yes, then focus on these three ways to demonstrate your leadership potential: 

Episode 94 - Taking the Stage - Leadership Potential - 3 tips

1️⃣ Deliver quality work

  • Be reliable. Deliver everything on time, on budget, according to the terms of the project

2️⃣ Seek opportunities to shine

  • Ask for more responsibility, volunteer to lead a team or a meeting, take initiative.

3️⃣ Demonstrate strong communication skills

  • Strong leaders are effective communicators.  Full stop.

This last point makes my heart sing! But how exactly can you “demonstrate strong communication skills”

You’re in luck! Judith has a framework for that… 



Whenever you communicate, you need to have a clear structure, message, and purpose – whether its written or spoken, formal or informal, planned or impromptu 

Episode 94 - Taking the Stage - Leadership Potential - Impromptu by Judith Humphrey

To address this, Judith developed THE LEADERS’ SCRIPT, a 4-step framework for communicating a clear message. (And you know how I love a good framework!) 

Episode 94 - Taking the Stage - Leadership Potential - leader's script

Image Unsplash Marcus Winkler

The Four Dimensions of the Leaders’ Script:

1️⃣ THE GRABBER – Depending on the context, this could be something provocative. Grab the audience’s attention.

2️⃣ MAIN MESSAGE or VIEWPOINT – Be explicit about your main message. What is your point? You could say “my message is,” “my viewpoint is,” here’s how I feel,” “here’s what I believe,” or “here’s what I need.”

3️⃣ STRUCTURE – Remember the three “supporting paragraphs” in your high school English essays? You can structure this in various ways, including:

  • reasons why
  • ways
  • chronologically
  • situation-response

4️⃣ CALL TO ACTION – What’s the action that you want the other person to take? Is it a decision? What’s the next step?

Episode 94 - Taking the Stage - Leadership Potential - success

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You got this!


About those BIRDS

No more crow on your shoulder.  And no more chicken-before-the-egg to worry about.

Now you’re soaring!

 Episode 94 - Taking the Stage - Leadership Potential - eagle soaring

Image Unsplash Mathew Schwartz


That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy the podcast. 

Have a great week.

Talk soon,

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Chief Talker & Communication Coach