I’m so happy to hear from many of you how much you like the new “3 things to Talk About” format for this communication coaching newsletter. More evidence of “The Power of Three”! 

Here we go…

3 things to Talk About this week:

1️⃣ Practice makes perfect… or does it?
2️⃣ The elevator pitch 3-point checklist
3️⃣May 2023 Personal Branding bootcamp

1️⃣ Practice makes perfect… or does it?

Do you have an elevator pitch? Whether you’re seeking a new job or promotion, pitching a client, or starting a business, you’ve probably heard that your elevator pitch is one of your most important assets.

Talk About Talk #124 - Your Elevator Pitch - image of Dr. Andrea Wojnicki with the text, "Many of us practice our elevator pitch until we've got it down cold. Practice, after, makes perfect, right? Not necessarily."

As I shared in the most recent Talk About Talk podcast episode, rehearsed elevator pitches are not ideal. They come across as impersonal and insincere.

I’m not suggesting that you just wing it. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for impromptu conversations with influential stakeholders. But I do recommend that you don’t churn out the same memorized self-promotional script every time the opportunity to make a pitch presents itself.

What to do instead? Stop and consider the context and the person with whom you’re communicating. Then use this 3-point checklist! 

2️⃣ The Elevator Pitch 3-Point Checklist

The “elevator pitch” metaphor refers to that spontaneous conversation with an important stakeholder.  It could be when you log in to an online meeting, it could be on the street, or it could be literally in an elevator. The question is, how can you prepare yourself to optimize impromptu conversations with important stakeholders? 

Here’s a 3-point “elevator pitch” checklist to help you communicate with confidence and credibility:

Talk About Talk #124 - Your Elevator Pitch - image shows a notebook labeled "checklist" on a desk; image by Dragor Nistor's Images via Canva

#1 Make It Personal – Remember, your elevator pitch shouldn’t be a generic, self-serving script. Customize your comments based on with whom you’re speaking and what they care about. 

#2 Be Enthusiastic – Research shows that enthusiasm is contagious and leads to positive outcomes. So put a smile on your face and share your excitement! Your body language, your tone, and your words are all ways to communicate your enthusiasm.

#3 Establish Your Professional Identity – This is an opportunity to describe your value, strengths, and passions, and to positively reinforce your personal brand. If you’re pitching someone who doesn’t know you, start by introducing yourself. Regardless, make a point of highlighting your key successes in a way that will resonate with them.

3️⃣ Join me at the May ’23 Personal Branding Bootcamp!

Is “develop my professional identity” on your to-do list? If so, you can make this May ’23 the month you finally develop your Personal Brand. 

Please join me next month for the May 2023 PERSONAL BRANDING BOOTCAMP!

image of Dr. Andrea Wojnicki seated on a couch in front of a bookshelf

 In this Bootcamp, you will:

  • learn how to confidently introduce yourself in any context
  • create your unique, customized personal branding template
  • articulate your expertise, your passions, & your superpowers

This 1-month intensive online group coaching bootcamp includes:

1. Five small group Personal Branding live coaching sessions with me.
2. Access to the “5 Steps to Nail your Personal Brand” online course, including a workbook, 10 videos, and more.
3. 24/7 access to the Personal Brand Bootcamp private virtual community for the month of May 2023.

It’s going to be intense. I can’t wait!


There you go – 3 things to Talk About this week: why practice does not always make perfect; a 3-point checklist for your “elevator pitch;” and your invitation to the personal branding bootcamp.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email me or message me on LinkedIn. I love hearing from you.

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