Most of us think we are SELF-AWARE.  But research indicates that only 10-15% of us are technically considered highly SELF-AWARE.

The good news is that we can turn up the dial on our self-awareness. By doing so, we improve our communication, our relationships, and our performance.  Basically, we will be happier and more successful!

When I work with my coaching clients on self-awareness, we focus on three types of self-awareness that have been identified by researchers:

1. INTROSPECTIVE self-awareness
2. BODILY self-awareness
3. SOCIAL self-awareness

Here’s your summary of pointers to help you elevate your self-awareness across these 3 dimensions.

1. Introspective Self-Awareness

This is another way of describing the INTERNAL or PRIVATE self-awareness of reflecting on your internal state. Introspective self-awareness is about being conscious of your feelings, emotions, desires, and beliefs.

Improving introspective self-awareness involves a lot of self-talk to help you focus on your MINDSET.

Talk About Talk #121 - Self-Awareness - quote by Andrea Wojnicki on a dark blue background: "At a high level, when you focus on your mindset, on your body language, and on how you are perceived, you are improving your communication and setting yourself up for success."

3 ways to improve your introspective self-awareness:

1️⃣ Be mindful of your OBJECTIVE 
2️⃣ Eliminate DISTRACTIONS
3️⃣ Focus on a MANTRA

2. Bodily Self-Awareness

I read somewhere that bodily awareness allows animals to understand that they are physically different from the rest of the environment; it’s also the reason why animals do not eat themselves.

Wow. Ok, then!

In the context of communication, this means being aware of our BODY LANGUAGE.

Talk About Talk #121 - Self-Awareness - quote by Martha Graham, dancer, on a turquoise background: "The body never lies."

The simplest way to improve your bodily self-awareness is by using the 3-Point Body Language Scan:

1️⃣ POSTURE – Stand or sit up straight with an expansive posture.
2️⃣ HANDS – Keep your hands in view, and use slow, purposeful movements.
3️⃣ EYES – Maintain eye contact, and smile with your whole face.

And last but not least…

3. Social Self-Awareness

If you’ve ever been criticized for showing a lack of self-awareness, it’s probably social self-awareness that was being referenced. It’s about how we are perceived by others, and what impact we have on the social dynamic.

3 ways to improve your social self-awareness:

1️⃣ Be EMPATHETIC and other-oriented. How are the other people in the room responding to you? What does theirbody language tell you?

2️⃣ LISTEN in a truly collaborative way. Track the ratio of you vs. others talking.

Wavetop via Canva

3️⃣ Ask for FEEDBACK. As my friend Sharon Mah-Gin says, feedback is a gift! Ask the people with whom you interact for feedback on how you can improve your communication.

That’s it for this week. I hope these suggestions help you to improve your communication effectiveness through better SELF-AWARENESS

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