“Where can I find great stories? This is one of the most common questions I get. Read on to learn:

  • 4 places to find great stories
  • how to use storytelling to elevate your personal brand


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Where to FIND Great Stories

Looking for a great story, but can’t think of one?  Here are 4 places to find great stories:

Your Epic FAIL

tell the story of your failure
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  • I always start here when I’m looking for a story. The keyword here is fail. Go ahead… be vulnerable. 
  • Share your epic fail. According to my friend Stephanie Rudnick (ex-varsity basketball player, now successful entrepreneur, speaker & author), “They don’t want to hear about my successes. They want to hear about when I lost in overtime. Or when the coach threw a chair at me…”




story of transformation
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  • This could be a personal story where you struggled, or it could be “the hero’s journey,” where someone overcame obstacles, persevered, and finally succeeded. 
  • There’s a reason the hero’s journey is so prototypical.  There’s a reason why Disney movies may seem formulaic.  It’s because they are. The hero’s journey resonates. 



Use METAPHORS and analogies

the light at the end of the tunnel metaphor
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  • Stories don’t need to be monumental. They could be short snippets that help illustrate your point. Metaphors can create vivid vignettes
  • You could say something like, “I really had to dig myself out of a hole…” or “Suddenly, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And it was gorgeous.  I felt inspired…”  Metaphors are powerful.



Stories of OTHERS’ experiences

telling stories about famous celebrities
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  • If you’re telling someone else’s story, ask yourself whether your audience will care. Depending on the context, consider whether you should ask the other person’s permission – or hide their identity!
  • You could also tell a story about a well-known celebrity. When I teach personal branding, I tell the story of how Hillary Clinton failed in her quest to be President, in part because she failed to create a compelling personal narrative. Compare that to Michelle Obama, whose story of hard work and advocacy made her one of the most admired women in America.



STORIES can help us illustrate our personal brand.


Bobby Umar storytelling quote

Legal veteran Norm Bacal whom I’ve interviewed for two different Talk About Talk podcast episodes highlights that the best lawyers in the courtroom are proficient storytellers. He says, “The people who are the greatest successes are the best storytellers.” 

According to academic research, successful women typically leverage storytelling to create a leader-bound narrative. They focus their personal narrative on a message of hard work and the pursuit of leadership.


what is your story?
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When I was producing the recent podcast episode on STORYTELLING, it occurred to me that STORYTELLING is “the icing on the 🎂cake”:

andrea wojnicki quote on stories

Last week we covered why STORIES are so impactful plus important elements to include in your stories.

If you haven’t listened to the STORYTELLING episode yet, I hope you will!

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