I have two quick things to share with you today:

1. The #1 technique to improve your communication skills – fast

2. My communication pet peeve 

“What’s the fastest way to improve my communication skills?”

People ask me this question all the time.

Can you guess what my answer is?

It’s recording yourself and then watching or listening to yourself. 

Talk About Talk #119 - Media Best Practices - quote by Andrea Wojnicki on a turquoise background: "The fastest way to improve your communication skills? Record yourself and watch yourself later. Painful? Yes. Effective? YES!"

Watching yourself is painful. Trust me, I know!!! But it is incredibly effective. 

I used to edit all my Talk About Talk podcast episodes. Nowadays I have a professional doing that for me. (Thank you, Brian!)  But listening to myself certainly accelerated my progress in improving my communication. 

For example, like most of us, sometimes I would have a crutch word that I was trying to avoid. Listening to myself talk helped me quickly learn to avoid that crutch word.

Talk About Talk #119 - Media Best Practices - image shows Andrea Wojnicki and Brian Campbell sitting side by side at a table with their laptops
Andrea & Brian

A few months ago I delivered an in-person keynote. I asked for a copy of the recording so I could do exactly what we’re talking about here. I wanted to evaluate my performance on my communication goals – demonstrating confidence and empathy, avoiding my crutch words, and using effective body language on stage. 

It was very painful to press play and watch myself! But there’s no better way to improve.

Talk About Talk #119 - Media Best Practices - image of Andrea Wojnicki at a speaking engagement

So please – if you can create an opportunity to record yourself and watch/listen to it later, do it! 

I promise you it IS painful. But that’s because you’re more critical of yourself than anyone else. 

I also promise you, it works.


Has this ever happened to you?

You call someone and get their voicemail, which instructs you to leave a detailed message. So that’s exactly what you do.
Then a few minutes later, the person calls you back and says, “Hey! I saw that you called. What’s up?”
This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Please please – LISTEN to your voicemail messages BEFORE calling someone back. Not only is this the courteous thing to do, but it is also more efficient.

Talk About Talk #119 - Media Best Practices - image shows a red telephone receiver, a blue @ sign, and a white envelope
Image by makluk via Canva

And if you’re the person whose voicemail was ignored, try to avoid snarky responses like this:

“Yes, I left you a message.
Please give it a listen and
call me back if you have any Qs.
If I don’t answer,
please leave me a message.”


Yes, I may have said this a few times… 😉

That’s it for this week! If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, or maybe you want to share your PET PEEVE? Please email me or record yourself HERE.  I love hearing from you!

Have a great week.

Talk soon,

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