What is confidence?

When we define what is confidence, we think of amazing things: 

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Thankfully, confidence can be learned!  Let’s BOOST our CONFIDENCE!

Last week we focused on how to MENTALLY PREPARE for a big event – when you really need to COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE.  

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This week we focus on understanding: WHAT IS CONFIDENCE?

Simply put, confidence is the feeling or belief that you can rely on something. Confidence comes from the Latin fidere, meaning “to trust.” Do you trust yourself?

Read on to learn:

  • what happens to our BODIES when we’re nervous
  • the difference between confidence and ARROGANCE
  • one way you can TEST your confidence – right now!
  • confidence QUOTES from famous folks


Let’s do this!

What Happens to our BODIES When We’re Nervous?

We talked about breathing to calm our nerves and our sympathetic nervous system with Dr. Nadine Kelly (Episode #43 on Posture & Breathing). Anxiety or nervousness activates our sympathetic nervous system in preparation to react to a threat, which increases our heart rate and body temperature…

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The stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol tell our eccrine and apocrine glands to shift into “fight or flight” mode. This means your body temperature goes up and your pulse increases.  Different people experience different symptoms:

  • heart pounding
  • the feeling of “butterflies”
  • excessive sweating
  • red face
  • sweaty palms


Here’s what to do:

cold glass of water
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Confidence can be learned!


There’s a continuum from nervousness  ➡️ to confidence  ➡️ to ARROGANCE.

We all know ARROGANCE is a bad thing.  But what is ARROGANCE?  Here are 4 important ways that CONFIDENCE differs versus ARROGANCE:

what is confidence? love to learn
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CONFIDENCE – is rooted in positivity and optimism – a growth mindset. Confident people seek learning opportunities.
ARROGANCE – is rooted in insecurity and defensiveness. Arrogant people seek to protect their reputation.

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CONFIDENCE – is internally focused. Confident people are intrinsically motivated.
ARROGANCE – is externally focused. Arrogant people are focused on what others think of them.

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CONFIDENCE – is humility and respect for others.  Confident people are active listeners.
ARROGANCE – is being self absorbed. Arrogant people have no time to actively listen to others. 

what is confidence? finger pointing
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CONFIDENCE – means learning from your mistakes. Confident people are willing to take the blame.
ARROGANCE – means a fear of criticism. Arrogant people point fingers and blame others.

Got it?



Test Your CONFIDENCE – right now!

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As I’ve mentioned, this Fall I’m planning another “Q&A” podcast episode
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That’s it for this week. Next week: The 3rd of 3 newsletters on CONFIDENCE.  I’ll share a 5-step formula to help you Communicate with Confidence IN THE MOMENT

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