On OPTIMISM and communicating POSITIVITY

There’s a lot to be gloomy about these days, isn’t there?  As one of my kids announced this week, “2020 is the worst year ever.  There’s Kobe, COVID-19, murder hornets, police brutality, looting….”  (This comes from a kid who hasn’t even seen that many years!)

There’s no question that our collective mental health and life satisfaction is being challenged.

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My objective for this week’s blog is to share research and ideas with you that will help you understand why seeking an optimism and communicating a positive attitude is a worthy endeavour. 

Oh – and I hope to make you SMILE. ?

Read on to learn:

  • 3 reasons why OPTIMISM WINS
  • 3 ways to IMPROVE YOUR MOOD

Let’s do this!


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1️⃣ Optimism = HAPPINESS 

(I know this sounds tautological, but keep reading…)

  • Optimists anticipate a positive future more vividly and sooner. This anticipation itself is satisfying!
  • Optimists experience less negative emotion, partly due to their positive explanatory style.  (Pessimists, on the other hand, blame themselves for misfortune, believe it’s permanent, and believe it affects all areas of their life.)
Flourish by Martin Seligman

2️⃣ Optimism = SUCCESS

  • Optimists believe the future looks bright and they prepare themselves for that success.
  • Researcher Martin Seligman highlights that it’s optimists’ “explanatory style” that makes them more productive, persistent, and ultimately more successful (He has proven this in many contexts, including with sports teams, individual athletes, politicians, salespeople,…)

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3️⃣ Optimism = a LONGER LIFE! 

  • Research shows that optimists “are more likely to live longer and to achieve ‘exceptional longevity,’ that is, living to age 85 or older.”
  • There are several reasons for this. Physically, optimists have improved immunity.  Behaviourally, optimists are more proactive and careful to ensure things turn out consistent with their positive expectations. 



  • Research shows that listening to upbeat music makes us happy! 
  • Music might also make us want to dance, which also makes us happy – see the next point…

dancing in the streets happy(image: unsplash @ mrakityanskiy)


  • Yes, as in exercise. A walk, a run, an online class, dance,… just move! Research shows that exercise can improve your mood.
  • Exposure to sunlight encourages your body to release seratonin, which boosts your mood.
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3️⃣ LAUGH 

  • Start with a smile.  Try it RIGHT NOW.  Seriously.  Give me a fake smile.  Turn up the corners of your mouth. Notice anything? ? Research shows that when you smile, your body releases endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, inducing happiness and decreased stress. BAM.
  • So turn on your favourite sitcom or slapstick comedy. Watch some stand-up. My kids like to watch these “try not to laugh” videos (which invariably make us all laugh!).  Or you could try laughter yoga!

Andrea Wojnicki and Hillary Anger Elfenbein

Andrea interviewing comedian Hillary Anger Elfenbein – funny lady!


Ralph Waldo Emerson optimism quote

Maya Angelou optimism quote

John Lennon optimism quote

Martin Luther King optimism quote

OPTIMISM: op·​ti·​mism
“An inclination to put the most favourable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome.”

I have a Q for you: What make you happy?

For me, it’s eating dinner in the backyard with my family, painting (especially the colour turquoise!), and working out with girlfriends (via Zoom!).  What about YOU?

I hope you’re feeling a little more inspired and optimistic.  Please – go do something that makes you happy, and encourage others to do the same.

Have a great week and stay safe! 

Talk soon,

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Chief Talker & Communication Coach

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