THOUGHT LEADERSHIP & Building Your Brand with Roger Martin (ep.150)

February 5, 2024Personal Branding, Podcast Episodes No Comments

Are you a thought leader? Andrea interviews prolific thought leader Roger Martin, professor emeritus and past Dean of the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto. Learn the distinction between private and public thought leadership, why you should consider your cadence in publishing, and three objective criteria to use when evaluating your brand promise, … Read More

The DON’Ts and DO’s of AI

November 21, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

TRUTH: I was little nervous about releasing the most recent podcast episode focused on AI.  I mean, who am I to talk tech? ALSO THE TRUTH: I received more emails and social media messages thanking and congratulating me on this episode than any other recent episode. What’s the lesson here? Sometimes taking a risk – beyond your comfort … Read More

Just pick up the $%#@ phone!

January 17, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

Have you ever had a performance review via email? Has anyone ever broken 💔 up with you via text? Or proposed to you over the phone? I hope not! Yes, these examples are clichés. But they perfectly illustrate why your choice of communication medium is important.  This goes for both personal and professional contexts. Here’s an example in a professional, … Read More


January 10, 2023Communication Coaching Newsletter

I have some fun trivia for you. You’ve probably heard this famous quote, and maybe you’ve even said it: “The Medium is the Message.” First piece of trivia: The correct quote is actually, “The MEDIUM is the MASSAGE.”  That’s what 🇨🇦 Canadian philosopher and English & media studies professor Marshall McLuhan called his 1967 book: “The … Read More

#118 COMMUNICATION MEDIA: Which medium is best for your message?

January 9, 2023Podcast Episodes

Do you know when to text versus email versus pick up the phone?  What about virtual versus face-to-face meetings? Andrea encourages you to think beyond your default media and consider the WHO, the WHAT and the WHY when choosing the ideal communication medium.   RESOURCES “MEDIA” or “MEDIUM”? Dr. Andrea Wojnicki & Talk About … Read More

#114 SPEAK UP! Communicating in Meetings

November 14, 2022Communicating With Confidence, Podcast Episodes

Speaking up in meetings is important, but not always easy.  Learn ten strategies to help you speak up.  Consider what you do before the meeting, your mindset during the meeting, and your words! RESOURCES Dr. Andrea Wojnicki & Talk About Talk  Free 20min consult – Book Andrea  Website – Communication Coaching Newsletter – newsletter-signup LinkedIn … Read More