Communicating with IMPACT (ep.138)

August 21, 2023Communicating With Confidence, Podcast Episodes

Do you communicate with IMPACT? Vice-Chair at Deloitte Jennifer Lee defines impact as the ability to get someone to take action. Learn 3 specific communication tactics to elevate your impact, plus insights about how respect, being curious, and establishing the value of each person in the room can increase your impact. Resources Jennifer T. Lee: … Read More

#86 INTRODUCTIONS – How to Introduce Yourself

October 11, 2021Communicating With Confidence, Podcast Episodes 2 Comments

Introducing yourself shouldn’t be something you dread. Learn a 3-point self-introduction framework (not a script!) plus 4 general tips for introducing yourself effectively. Introducing yourself is a rare opportunity to highlight your personal brand!   RESOURCES Dr. Andrea Wojnicki & Talk About Talk Website – Free Newsletter – Email – Free 20minconsult … Read More

#58 COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE: Part 1 – Mental Preparation

September 5, 2020Communicating With Confidence, Podcast Episodes 5 Comments

  Communicate with confidence: There’s the mental preparation, then there’s confidence in the moment.  In this first of a two-part series, we focus on the 4P’s of mentally preparing to communicate with confidence: Practice, as in rehearsing; Proverb, as in adopting a mantra; Pep talk; and Pirate, as in copying that confident feeling.   THANKS … Read More