What do you call those voices in your head that prey on your insecurities and fuel the dreaded imposter syndrome?

For some people it’s “the judge.” For others, it’s “the crow on your shoulder.”

I recently learned another term for this that I absolutely love:


Episode #99 - Talk About Talk - Saboteurs - man sitting in chair

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Isn’t that a great word?


I was introduced to the concept of “saboteurs” by Angie Alexander, who joined me on the latest Talk About Talk episode, where we talked about how we can COMMUNICATE as a SAGE LEADER.

Episode #99 - Talk About Talk - Saboteurs - Angie Alexander
Angie Alexander


Angie explained that one of the things that set Sage Leaders apart is their ability to confront their “saboteurs” by developing MENTAL FITNESS

In this week’s Talk About Talk episode, you’ll learn two very important ways that Sage Leaders deal with their “saboteurs”:

2️⃣ Developing their MENTAL FITNESS


Are you ready to take on your “saboteurs”?
Let’s go!


Step out of your COMFORT ZONE

Sometimes the best way to shut down your imposter syndrome is to confront it head-on and get out of your comfort zone.

Episode #99 - Talk About Talk - Saboteurs - comfort zone
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As a Sage Leader, you can encourage this type of exploration (in yourself and in others), by creating a PSYCHOLOGICALLY SAFE ENVIRONMENT.The hallmark of a psychologically safe environment is trust. When people trust their leaders, they feel safe in expressing unique ideas or perspectives, and taking that first step out of their comfort zones.

How do Sage Leaders create this type of environment?

➡️ Showing EMPATHY
➡️ Being genuinely CURIOUS and asking questions
➡️ Having a sense of OPENNESS
➡️ Encouraging RISK-TAKING


Episode #99 - Talk About Talk - Saboteurs - quote - Angie Alexander



Sometimes it’s external factors like a psychologically safe environment that allow you to take on your imposter syndrome, but sometimes the only way to confront those “saboteurs” is by drawing on internal strength. 

Episode #99 - Talk About Talk - Saboteurs - brain lifting weights
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Building your MENTAL FITNESS is all about doing that internal work. It’s about learning to acknowledge your “saboteurs” in order to confront them and surpass them.

Some key aspects of developing mental fitness are:

1️⃣ IDENTIFYING and NAMING your “saboteurs”
– Before you can confront them, you have to know what you’re dealing with.

2️⃣ Bringing out your INNER ESSENCE
– Focus on letting your inner Sage be present, and it you’ll start to cast aside the inner voices that undermine you.

3️⃣ Looking INWARD
– The work of mental fitness starts with YOU!


Episode #99 - Talk About Talk - Saboteurs - quote - Angie Alexander


Remember, your INNER SAGE is your true self: empathetic, curious, open, and inclusive. Your “saboteurs” may try to convince you otherwise, and when you connect with your Inner Sage, you can move beyond them and excel.

That’s it for this week! Once again, I’d like to thank Angie Alexander. I learned so much from her, and I’m sure you will, too!

Listen to Communicating as a SAGE LEADER for my full conversation with Angie and more tips on:

  • What it means to be a Sage Leader.
  • How to become a Sage Communicator (or a Sage Podcaster).
  • Confronting and overcoming imposter syndrome through Mental Fitness.


Please forward this to your friends who might like help with their communication skills. Thank you.

Have a great week.

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