How to Tell Impactful Stories

Speaking of impactful stories – Have you watched the #1 most-watched TEDTalk?
Over 20 million people have viewed this “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” TEDTalk by Sir Ken Robinson:

Youtube video TedTalk

Many experts have dissected this 18-minute TEDTalk to better understand what makes it so compelling.  There’s Sir Robinson’s use of humour, his lack of slides, and of course, the many STORIES he tells.
It’s the STORYTELLING that elevates this TEDTalk.  And it’s STORYTELLING that can elevate all our communication.

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Are you an effective STORYTELLER?

This week’s Talk About Talk podcast goes deep into storytelling.  In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • why stories are so impactful;
  • the essential elements of great stories;
  • plus a few of Andrea’s stories!


Read on for your storytelling primer!


3 Ways Stories are IMPACTFUL


1️⃣ Stories evoke EMOTIONS

  • Stories engage us with feelings of angst, pleasure, surprise, inspiration,…
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2️⃣ Stories are MEMORABLE

  • We forget the facts & figures, but we’ll remember how you made us feel!
Jerry Zaltman on Stories

3️⃣ Stories CONNECT us

  • Stories connect us through shared experience



5 Essential ELEMENTS of Great Stories

Here’s your checklist: the 5 elements to include in your stories:

stories with "to be continued" (unsplash @ sunny state)
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  • Include conflict in the story, something to overcome.  We need suspense!

A character the audience CARES about

  • Whether the story is about you or someone else, the audience needs to care!


  • Predictable stories are boring. Include something unexpected.

Important DETAILS

  • Include enough details to make it real. But not too much… Let the audience to fill in the gaps!


  • A random story will confuse the audience. Integrate your story into your message

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I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast episode! 

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