How to BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCEin the moment, when you’re onstage or chit-chatting with strangers….

You know, when you need to boost your confidence? When you suddenly feel the butterflies?, a shot of adrenaline and you’re very self-conscious?!?

This week we learn how to Communicate IN THE MOMENT, when you need to boost your confidence…

Boost Your confidence when you have the butterflies
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Let’s do this!

5 Steps to Boost your Confidence

Two weeks ago we covered the 4Ps to help you MENTALLY PREPARE to communicate with confidence. In last week’s newsletter we covered the SIGNIFICANCE of confidence.

Of course these insights help, but sometimes we still feel nervous, right?

In this week’s podcast ? you’ll learn a 5 step formula to boost your confidence IN THE MOMENT

I’m on a mission to make these frameworks easy for you to memorize. For Mental Preparation we had “the 4Ps.” To boost your confidence is as easy as A-B-C-D-E!  Here’s your primer:

ABCDEs of how to Boost Your Confidence in the moment
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 “A” is for ASK a Question

  • First – ask WHOM?  If you’re at an event and you don’t know anyone, executive recruiter Sharon Mah-Gin suggests approaching an ODD number of people (like 1 or 3 or 5).  Someone will be happy to talk. (Brilliant, Sharon!)
Sharon Mah-GinSharon Mah-Gin
  • Look the person in the eye, smile, and ask a question. Shift the spotlight. 
  • Ask smart, strategic questions:
    • ask open ended questions
    • ask questions that might inspire a story
    • ask about one of their possessions

“B” is for BREATHE

  • Slow deep breathing optimizes your physical state, oxygenates your blood, clarifies your thinking, reduces anxiety and stress, improves your mood, and optimizes the sound of your voice.  Just ask baritone opera singer, Bradley Christensen!
bradley christensenBaritone opera singer Bradley Christenson
Dr. Nadine Kelly Yogi MD

Yogi MD Dr. Nadine Kelly 

“C” is for Act CONFIDENT

Andrew Musselman
Andrew Musselman
  1. Posture –  Andrew Musselman encourages us to be expansive. Be open. Uncross your legs and unfold your arms. 
  2. Hands – Keep your hands in plain view (on the table, outside your pockets).  If you’re on a zoom call, use slow deliberate arm movements.
  3. Eyes – Face the person (or the audience!). Look at them directly and smile with your eyes. Nod in agreement and mirror the person with whom you are conversing.



“D” is for No DISTRACTIONS – Focus

  1. Practice: as in rehearse
  2. Proverb: as in adopt a mantra
  3. Pep Talk: as in talking it through with a trusted colleague
  4. Pirate: as in copying that confident feeling

“E” is for Use Your EARS – Listen

  • Norman Bacal reminds us that listening is more than waiting your turn to talk. Active listeners ask questions.
Norman Bacal
Norman Bacal
Heather Stark
Heather Stark
  • People will like you more when you listen! And if you’re listening, you’re focusing on the other person, which means you’re not focused on yourself and your nervous energy.
You got all that?  A-B-C-D-E…

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