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2022 is almost over!

It’s easy to get caught up in the end-of-year stress, isn’t it? I try my best to focus on some of my favourite things: LISTS and GIFT GIVING



Are YOU a list maker?  I definitely am! (Thank you, ❤️ Mom!)

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This time of year, LISTS are rampant!  There are:
🎁  Gift wish-lists
🎯  Resolution lists

🏆  Best of lists
📜  Naughty & Nice Lists!

Here are a few LIST tips and suggestions for you:

🎁 GIFT WISH LISTS: Just use them!

Here’s one thing I want you to know: You don’t need to over-think what to buy people when they have a wish list or a registry. I used to get caught up in trying to find the “perfect, most thoughtful gift” I could find.  According to the research, that’s a waste of time.  Just give them what they asked for. (More on the gift-giving research in the most recent podcast episode.)

🎯RESOLUTION LISTS: Maybe a word instead?

Do you like to create New Year’s Resolutions?

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I have both personal resolutions and business goals. A few years ago I was inspired by Gretchen Rubin (the happiness expert), who suggested we choose one word as a theme to focus on, instead of a list.  I encourage you to do the same.  

  • In 2021, my word was “CONNECT.” 
  • In 2022 it was “KINDNESS.” (I love this word.
  • For 2023, my word is “PRESENT.” As in “being present,” and enjoying every minute.

What’s your word for 2023?

🏆 “BEST OF” LISTS: I have a few for you!
As 2022 winds down, I hope you’ll have some time to devour some of the “best of” the year!

Are you curious about what the “best” Talk About Talk podcast episodes are for 2022? Here are the 3 most downloaded episodes of the year:

Episode 103 Communicating with Precision Andrea Wojnicki - image shows a variety of scissors against a turquoise background

image of Andrea Wojnicki's Harvard Business Review article, "A Simple Way to Introduce Yourself"

The Harvard Business Review article “A Simple Way to Introduce Yourself” based on this popular podcast episode recently won the Pocket App’s MOST READ ARTICLE award! 👏  There are many other awesome articles in this list!

If you’re looking for more, here’s a list of lists (!), including of some of the best albums and films of the year. That should keep you busy!

One last question for you:

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Are you on the NAUGHTY or the NICE LIST?



Truly, I am fascinated with the phenomenon of gift-givingWhat we GIVE (and when, why, and even how we receive), says a LOT!


Talk About Talk #116 - Gift Giving - image of two people exchanging gifts
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Once again this year I thought hard about YEAR-END GIFTS for my clients and supporters. 2022 has been an incredible year of growth and success for Talk About Talk, and I know I couldn’t do it alone!

I considered curating some corporate swag, but I doubt you need another mug!

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Instead, once again, I decided to make a donation to NewCircles‘ “Business Office Skills” training program.

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The mission of Talk About Talk is to catapult the careers of ambitious executives by providing communication-skills-focused training and resources. 

SIMILARLY, the goal of the New Circles Business Office Skills (“BOS”!) program is to kick-start careers. The women in this program, mostly recent immigrants to Canada and some refugees, receive business skills training, real work experience, and job-search support to help them realize their potential.

If you’re reading this email,
then I want to say THANK YOU. 

A ❤️heartfelt THANK YOU to my –

  • loyal podcast and newsletter subscribers
  • brilliant podcast guests
  • valued partners
  • evangelical supporters 
  • amazing workshop and coaching clients!

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THANK YOU for a fantastic 2022 and here’s to a fantastic 2023 full of inspiring conversations.

Happy New Year!

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