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NEWS from our favourite OPERA SINGER!!!

WHO? BRADLEY CHRISTENSEN is our favourite opera singer, of course!

The TalkAboutTalk podcast episode USING YOUR VOICE featuring baritone opera singer Bradley Christensen was released before the first TalkAboutTalk blog.  Many listeners told me that they loved hearing Bradley’s booming voice, his accent, and his advice! If you haven’t listened to this episode yet, here’s your chance to listen to Bradley’s insights on:

  • Vocal fry – I hadn’t heard of it either! Hear it here.  And don’t do it!!! 
  • Your inner smile – it’s a real thing – apparently Celine Dion does it too!
  • Breathing properly – of course. (But we don’t… Bradley will help us fix that.)
BIG NEWS: Bradley was recently accepted into the doctoral program at the University of Toronto, where he will focus on voice performance and pedagogy. (Imagine: teaching and learning about your passion…!) There is only one candidate per year for this program, so this is a particularly significant achievement!  CONGRATULATIONS, Bradley!

You can see and hear Bradley singing here. ENJOY!  


  1. Your voice affects your probability of success. For example, people with lower voices are more likely to be selected for leadership positions. Note the point in this article about avoiding vocal fry.  (Like I said: “don’t do it!”)
  2. The greatest vocal range is 10 octaves! Tim Storms (b.1972) holds the Guinness World Record for the greatest range (from G/G#-5 to G/G#5) AND for the lowest note (G−7, or 0.189 Hz).  You can hear him here.
  3. Whispering can harm your voice. Think you’re saving your voice by whispering? Think again. There is some evidence that whispering can cause trauma to the larynx. Now you know.
  4. You can change your voice.  Singers, podcasters and politicians train to change their voices all the time. Margaret Thatcher took voice lessons before one of her elections (and yes, she won the election).  Check out her voice before and after here. WOW.
  5. We typically converse at about 60 decibels.  Maria Sharipova grunts on the tennis court as loud as 101.2 decibels. The Guinness World Record for the the loudest verified human scream belongs to teaching assistant Jill Drake at 129 decibels. I bet her students behave! 



This week we focus on…. our VOICES!


USING YOUR VOICE – metaphorically

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