I hope you had a great week!  Based on last week’s blog & featured podcast (“Artificial Intelligence”) – Did you ask your virtual assistant any of the 10 entertaining Qs? ?? For the record, YES, we have tried all of these Qs (and more) in the Wojnicki household.  Nerds in paradise, I say!   

In this week’s TalkAboutTalk email blog, we talk and learn about Fashion & Style

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– What are you wearing RIGHT NOW?
– Do your clothes fit properly?
– Can you imagine yourself wearing the same outfit in ten years?

For this podcast episode focused on Fashion & Style, I interviewed Carolyn Quinn, the executive director of Toronto Fashion Week. Yes, I was nervous about what to wear (never mind what to say!), but Carolyn is disarmingly down-to-earth. She surprised me with her advocacy for environmental sustainability in the fashion industry (more on that below) and provided real, tractable advice on how to shop and how to dress!

In an upcoming TalkAboutTalk podcast episode, we will focus on symbolism and identity-creation associated with our possessions – like our clothing! But now, we focus on HOW TO SHOP and HOW TO DRESS.  Carolyn offers some real, useable advice for us. For example:

  1. Two main themes: QUALITY and FIT 
  2. SHOPPING TIPS – Try to only buy things that you can imagine yourself wearing in 10 years, that you can wear multiple times, that flatter your shape, and that are age appropriate
  3. HOW TO DRESS When choosing an outfit, consider what you will be doing and consider your look head to toe. Again, quality and fit are two of the most important criteria. 

For our interview, Carolyn was dressed in a v-neck t-shirt (no label!) an awesome Smythe blazer, ripped jeans, and these fabulous Rochas shoes.  I was not too proud to ask if I could take a photo! STUNNING!

After she left, I felt much more confident about how to shop and how to dress. I hope you feel the same! 
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Those RED SOLED SHOES have quite a history.  Over 350 years ago King Louis XIV popularized high heels for MEN – particularly those with expensively-dyed red soles! Fast forward to the 2000s, and designer Christian Louboutin owns the red sole trademark.  Yes, he relentlessly protects his trademark, having sued Yves Saint Laurent and Charles Jourdan, amongst others!

And to go with those Louboutins?  PANTY HOSE.  I looked it up. YES, they are on the decline (thank goodness).  Did you know that during WWII when nylon was scarce, women would actually paint their legs with instant gravy powder? (crazy)

Are you wearing a ZIPPER?  Does it say YKK on it? YKK stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, the largest zipper manufacturer in the world.

THE TALKING MANNEQUIN title belongs to… model Inès de la Fressange (b.1932). Why? Because she always liked to talk with journalists and express her opinions – even before social media!  (No wonder I always liked her.)  Here is a recent article where she talks about fashion, style, and elegance.

And yes, FANCY CLOTHING does affect how people treat you. Consider the unbelievable story of Anna Delvey, who fooled New York’s elite, based in part on how she dressed.  They say “she was wearing really fancy clothing” !!!! (Come on, people...)


Carolyn Quinn advises: “try to only buy things that you can imagine yourself wearing in TEN years.”  That makes sense for many reasons, including environmental sustainability! 

Shockingly, the fashion industry accounts for >10% of the world’s pollution.  Consider the effects of fast fashion & disposable fashion, the permanence of synthetic fibres, pollution from crops and manufacturing, and yes, fashion magazines!

So what else can we do?  Well, we can buy authentic vintage clothing and we can donate our used clothing to a clothing bank.  My personal favourite is NewCircles – one of Canada’s biggest clothing banks. Every year, NewCircles redirects 300,000lbs of clothing away from landfills and towards the 15,000 people who use their services! WOWNewCircles also shares many suggestions for Reducing, Re-using, Renting, Repairing and Repurposing your clothing in this article.

Here is your Weekly Challenge from TalkAboutTalk: given these suggestions from Carolyn and NewCircles, try one of the following.  Either:

  • Purchase a piece of clothing (that you were already intending to buy!) and ensure that it is something you will wear in ten years, or 
  • Donate some of your clothing to a local clothing bank

It’s not that difficult, right?

Now we are looking good!!! 


This week we focus on…. FASHION & STYLE!


I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast on

Are you feeling more confident about how to shop and how to choose an outfit?  If you remember only one thing: It’s all about QUALITY and FIT.

Please let me know if you managed to complete your Weekly TalkAboutTalk Challenge – buy something that will last 10 years and/or donate some of your used clothing.

Speaking of which, THANK YOU for your comments and social media shares regarding the Artificial Intelligence episode with professor Avi Goldfarb.  If you ever have comments, suggestions, or ideas, bring it on!  

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Have a great week.

TALK soon,

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Founder & Chief Talker – TalkAboutTalk


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