I hope you had a great week.  Based on last week’s blog – Have you taken opera-singer Bradley Christensen’s advice and used your “inner smile”?  Have you ceased all whispering? Personally, I have been saving my podcasting voice by whistling for my kids’ sports teams!  
In this week’s TalkAboutTalk email blog, we talk and learn about Siblings, Birth Order Effects, and Family Communication. I also issue our first “Weekly Communication Challenge.” READ ON!  (You can quickly skim this short email or dive in to the many links to learn more!) 


Does your personality fit with your birth order stereotype?
  • The bossy eldest?
  • The troubled middle child?
  • The spoiled baby of the family?
  • Or an anti-social only child?

For this podcast episode (coincidentally recorded on National Siblings Day), I interviewed my BROTHER(!!!), recording engineer, producer, operator, and musician Brian Campbell. Brian created our music and does all of the TalkAboutTalk editing and sound production. For this episode, he came around to the other side of the microphone. ? We talk about birth order effects, how the sibling stereotypes fit with our family, why the research is inconsistent and how the stereotypes are often wrong. We also did a “Sibling Q&A.”  You might want to try some of these questions with your own sibling(s)!

In this podcast episode you will learn:

  • The STEREOTYPES for the eldest, the middle child, and the youngest in your family (yes, for the record, I am bossy and Brian is the entertainer)
  • The research on ONLY CHILDREN (hint: it’s not what you might think)
  • How birth order might affect COMMUNICATION skills (think role models, attention, and being read to)
  • Two main reasons why the RESEARCH on birth order effects is inconsistent and why birth order stereotypes are often incorrect (& therefore how you might change how you think about your own family members!)
As you will hear, Brian and I had a lot of fun recording this episode! I hope you enjoy it. YES, Brian does the final edits for the episode, and NO, the edits were not 100% aligned with what I requested…..

You can see more photos of Brian and me here.


Over the past few weeks, while the podcast was “on hiatus,” I created a TalkAboutTalk Business Plan.  One highlight of the Business Plan is a newly articulated “Core Belief” and “Brand Positioning Statement”:

The TalkAboutTalk Core Belief:

The TalkAboutTalk Brand Positioning Statement:

So, starting right here and right now, we are issuing a “Weekly Communication Challenge.” The idea is to take some inspiration and knowledge from the podcast and apply it in terms of strategies that will provide us with confidence.
Yes, I will do it too!  

We will each connect with (at least) one family member whom we don’t speak with often.  It could be a sibling, parent, child, step-child, cousin, in-law… someone whom you wish you communicated with more regularly.  It can be over the phone, email, in person, on social media, whatever works best.  Here is what we will communicate:

  • Start by telling them you miss them and you wish you communicated more regularly (of course!)
  • Tell them what your favourite story is about them and why and ask them what their favourite story is about you
  • Set a date & time to talk again soon

We would love to hear how it goes!  You can connect with us on Facebook or right here on the TalkAboutTalk website in the comments below this blog. 


This week we focus on…. FAMILIES!

?  I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast on

Did you enjoy reading the TalkAboutTalk Season One Exclusive Summary” (a.k.a. “cheat sheets”) that you received as my THANK YOU for subscribing to this weekly email blog?? This document is exclusively for email blog subscribers only. If you have any friends or colleagues who might be interested, please forward this email or send them this link and encourage them to sign-up.

That reminds me, a few people told me they were confused about subscribing to the email blog versus subscribing to the podcastThose are two separate things! If you subscribe to only one, then you are missing half the fun!

Over the next few weeks we will release podcast interviews with FANTASTIC guest experts.   I can’t wait for you to meet these people! There’s an A.I. expert, there’s the “font guy”, there’s an anthropologist who knows more than you can imagine about gift-giving, a linguistics professor who teaches us about profanity, a fashionista who shares advice about how to shop and how to choose what to wear, a social worker who tells us how to support our grieving friends, and more. They are all so different, but they all share their knowledge and strategies to help us become more effective and confident communicators.  

I would love to hear from you – especially regarding our Weekly Communication Challenge!  (Don’t forget!) Please connect with me on social media or email me anytime.

Have a great week.

TALK soon,

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Founder & Chief Talker – TalkAboutTalk

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