This week we consider how we, as consumers, can exercise or amplify our consumer voices. I interviewed a market researcher who helps firms identify consumer insights by listening to consumers with some very cool technology and techniques.  Can you say INCABOT?   

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Let’s do this….


with Nexxt Intelligence president
Kathy Cheng

As a marketer and consumer advocate, I am very passionate❤️ about people exercising their consumer voice. This could be through our reactions to products and services or through our input to product development and improvements. It’s about being heard as a consumer!

For this episode I had the great fortune of interviewing Kathy Cheng, the president of  Nexxt Intelligence, an insight-tech company that helps firms and marketers identify consumer insights through engaging conversational research experiences delivered by IncaBot, a chatbot!!  Cool, right?

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. all about Automated Advertising – This is where firms blast out several ads with various insights and see what works… ultimately transforming the ad industry!
  2. how market researchers are using AI and AR – not just with automated advertising, but also testing products and advertising campaigns using latency measures, augmented reality, goggles, other sensory measurement techniques.  (Sounds like a super fun focus group, doesn’t it?)
  3. how consumer research is becoming more interactive and FUN! – for example with gamification and chatbots.

Thank you Kathy!


Other than consumer research, what are chatbots used for?

  • Customer service inquiries
  • Finding basic information about a company, product or service
  • Confirming a purchase
  • Checking product inventory at an online retailer
  • Booking or confirming a reservation (e.g. hotel or Uber)
  • Scheduling, changing, or tracking a shipment.
  • Ordering takeout or delivery
  • the list is growing fast!


Our relationship with chatbots is “complicated.”  In research conducted by PwC, here are the top five ways that consumers agreed describes their relationships with digital assistants:

  1. Adviser: 14%
  2. Acquaintance: 10%
  3. Teacher: 7%
  4. Friend: 6%
  5. Stranger: 5%

       (oh, and Spouse/partner?  1%. Wait – what?!?)

Women tend to have higher expectations when using a chatbot. Research by Aspect indicates that for simple and moderate interactions and transactions, women expect more from chatbots.  (Don’t say it…)

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Participate in consumer research
The next time you get an email (or a phonecall) seeking your input, think twice before you delete it (or hang up the phone), especially if it is regarding a product or service that you have strong feelings about – positive or negative!

Vote with your money
If you aren’t satisfied with the service you are receiving, change service providers.  If you aren’t satisfied with something you bought. Take it back and demand your money back.  Vote with your wallet. 

Engage in Word-of-Mouth 
If you know anything about me and my research, this is a key one: word-of-mouth. Particularly if you are extremely satisfied or dissatisfied, tell your friends.  Post your stories – good and bad – on social media.  Become a consumer vigilante with a big mouth.

Formally document your experience
You can formally compliment (or complain) about great products and services directly to the company. Sometimes we forget how simple and effective that can be.  Personally, I find it very satisfying when I receive great customer service and I ask if I can speak with someone’s boss, so I can tell them how great the service has been with a particular employee.  You can also write a formal review on websites like Trip Advisor  or Homestars.

Ask the firm how you can amplify your consumer voice!  
This one might seem less obvious, but it can be extremely effective. Ask the company itself! If you received fantastic service, you could say “how can I make sure this outstanding service is recognized?” Ask the person if you should write an email or a letter or an online review.  Ask them how your voice can be amplified. 

YES, I am here to inspire and enable you as a consumer. ?


I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast on YOUR CONSUMER VOICE

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