Recently I’ve received several testimonials from people who listened to the Talk About Talk podcast and successfully put the communication learnings into action!  

YAY!  Thanks for letting me know – and keep it coming!

Lots to update us on this week – including some new ways to up our communication skills. You can skim this short email or click on the links to learn more.

Let’s do this….


YogiMD interviews Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

For the week’s podcast, the tables were turnedDr. Nadine Kelly – retired MD, yoga instructor and “YogiMD” podcaster – interviewed ME!

We talked about “Communicating Effectively” (of course!) and covered many “healthy communication” topics, including:

  • How employing empathy and listening skills can not only improve our communication but also make our relationships healthier
  • A few Talk About Talk topics that are directly related to yoga:
    • body languageeyes, hands, and posture!
    • using our voiceshow we prefer deep voices and how breathing is so important
  • Being careful not to confuse our emotions and the stories we tell ourselves for facts
  • How podcasting has affected my communication skills
  • and more!

Similar to the Talk About Talk “5 Rapid Fire Qs” that I ask guest experts at the end of every interview, Dr. Nadine Kelly (YogiMD) asks her guest experts for their personal definition of what it means to be healthy.  I told her that I used to use the formula: “sleep, exercise, and nutrition.”  But since I met wellness-expert Tosca Reno, I now go with the 3Es of Wellness: eating clean, exercise, and emotional well being.

What’s YOUR definition of what it means to be healthy?
You can find the YogiMD podcast, including this episode here.


Have you had a chance to listen to last week’s ?podcast focusing on conquering your email inbox?  If not, you can find it here.

Since this podcast was released, I published a short paper on LinkedIn that summarizes the advice from this episode.  (You can find it here.)  Here is a summary of how we can re-define the role of email and 10 things we can do RIGHT NOW to conquer our email inbox:

You’re welcome!



If YES, I invite you to join our brand new (like just launched THIS WEEK) FB GROUP, called Talk About Our Communication Skills.  You will be one of the pioneer members!

Every month, I will introduce one “communication hack” along with some suggestions for how to make it into a habit. In October, our communication hack is: ASKING Qs.

Collectively, we will “up our communication game,” by seeking advice, asking Qs, sharing insights, and learning all about how to be more confident and effective communicators.  And it will be FUN.  The real Q is WHY NOT?!?



(No, I’m not trying to enlist you to another group! But If you’d like to connect on LinkedIn, I’m here!)

I want to share something cool that happened on LinkedIn this week.  I found an article about how Facebook is removing the “Like Count,” and I posted it on LinkedIn.  Well, a few hours later, LinkedIn highlighted my post and it has now been viewed almost 30,000 times!!! (But who’s counting?!? ?)

More importantly, there are 33 comments for this post.
So people are…. TALKING.  
? ? 


A few weeks ago I asked for your input regarding the Talk About Talk cover art (Previously, it was just the Talk About Talk logo.)  Thanks to your input, we have developed and released new cover art.  I LOVE ❤️ it!  THANK YOU!!!!

As you can see, there is a lot going on with Talk About Talk.  But it is ALL focused on improving our communication skills.  And… it couldn’t happen without your feedback, your encouragement, and your support.  I am so grateful.   ?

Again – please don’t hesitate to email me or post on social media anytime with FEEDBACK, SUGGESTIONS, TOPICS, STORIES, anything!   BRING IT ON!