This week’s podcast episode ?is focused on INTERVIEWING – as in conducting a job interview, an information-seeking interview, a journalistic interview, or a podcast interview! In the future we will also cover how to rock-it in a job interview.  But this week it’s all about when you are in the driver’s seat, INTERVIEWING, as in conducting the interview.

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David Shore
Interviewer, host & podcaster, David Shore

For this week’s INTERVIEWING podcast episode ? I interviewed David Shore.  Does that name sound familiar?  Well, a few months ago, David interviewed me onstage for a live Monkey Toast improv performance.  (What an amazing experience!)

 David Shore interviewing Andrea

You might also be thinking of the famous television writer David Shore (who created House and The Good Doctor). That is a different David Shore.  But as you will hear in this week’s podcast, our guest expert David Shore has interviewed the other David Shore! (wow!)

Five things you will learn about interviewing in this week’s episode:

  1. There’s no magic bullet. It takes time and practice. If you take the time to critically watch or listen to recordings of yourself (or of others) interviewing, you can probably accelerate your interviewing skill development.
  2. Being in the moment. No matter the context (a job interview, a live interview onstage or whatever), your main job as the interviewer is to listen and engage. Being responsive to what they are saying is important. 
  3. Focus on the interviewee. It needs to be about the interviewee, not about the interviewer! (It’s not about you!)
  4. Use your script. It’s OK to take a few seconds to look down at your interview script for reference! (Note David’s clipboard and interview notes in the photo above…)
  5. Relax!  It’s not brain surgery!!!! (RIGHT!)


Thank you, David!

Enjoy the podcast! 


Do you have a favourite interview Q to ask?  Here are three of my favourites: 

(photo Unsplash @ shelly94)

The Yes/No Question

Yes, I know, we are supposed to ask open-ended Qs.  Otherwise, we get one-word answers, right? (YES!)  But here’s the thing.  Sometimes we want to know where someone stands.  As our guest expert David Shore reminds us, we just need to follow-up with WHY. So go ahead and ask the yes/no question! (Are you with me?)

(photo Unsplash @ letyi)

The Either/Or Question

Whether you’re conducting a job interview or you’re interviewing someone for a podcast, either/or Qs can be very revealing (and entertaining!).  There’s the classic: “Would you rather be rich or happy?”  It’s critical to require one answer.  Two other great examples:

  • “Is it better to be good and on-time OR to be outstanding and late?”
  • “Do you work hard OR are you smart?”   (So – which is it?)


(photo Unsplash @ kuzelevdaniil)

The Misconception Question

I used to ask this Q to job applicants at the very end of the interview. “What is a misconception that people may have about you that you know is not true?”  Answers to this Q are very revealing and often highlight one’s self-awareness.

So, “what’s a misconception about you that you know isn’t true?”



Ironically, for the first time ever (my 44th podcast interview!), I had technical difficulties with my recording equipment when I was interviewing David Shore for this episode. ? (David was very gracious and understanding!)

Andrea & David Shore
Andrea & David Shore

In addition to having your equipment ready-to-go, David also shared some helpful advice about how to best prepare for an interview:

1. Research your interviewee

  • Of course! Read their book and do online research in advance.

2. Write an interview script

  • Create a list of questions that you can reference during the interview. (Yes, it’s ok to reference your notes!)

3. Pre-interviews are a good idea (though probably not for job interviews!)

  • Ideally over the phone. If not then via email.
  • Three pre-interview Qs to ask:
  1. “What topics are off limits?”
  2. “What do you want me to ask you?”
  3. “Do you have any stories you want to tell?  Don’t tell me the story, but tell me what it’s about, so I can queue you up!” (Love ❤️that Q!  I’m definitely going to use that in the future.)


Thank you, David!


This month in the Talk About Talk private Facebook group, we are focusing on…. INTERVIEWING! Join us as we talk about, amongst other things:

  • advice for first time job interviewers
  • interviewing nightmares
  • our favourite interviewers of all time (mine? Terry Gross.  Who’s yours?)

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Did you have a chance to read last week’s Talk About Talk newsletter focused on the INTROVERT & EXTRAVERT scale? Here’s a link again to one of the many MBTI tests online, so you can diagnose your personality.

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That’s it for this week!  I hope you enjoy the  interviewing ?podcast. Please let me know what you think!  
Email me anytime with topic suggestions or feedback. I’d love ❤️to talk!

Have a great week! 

Talk soon,

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Chief Talker & Communication Coach

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