Let’s upgrade your resume! Executive recruiter Sharon Mah-Gin shares best practices in terms of resume format and content, plus common mistakes people make with their resume. Whether you’re looking for a new job or a board position, having an up-to-date resume that follows best practices can be a big advantage.

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Let me start by saying that this is a particularly selfish episode for me. Yes, I said that.  Selfish.

OK, OK, Let me take that back. I guess it’s also generous. I know this topic is helpful. I know a lot of you are looking for guidance and best practices. On how to optimize your resume or your CV.

I get a lot of people asking for my advice, input and suggestions regarding their resume. I guess this isn’t surprising, based on all the work I do with clients on developing their personal brands. 

So I keep getting the same resume Qs from people. And I keep saying the same things again and again.

Recently when I was talking with my friend, executive recruiter Sharon Mah-Gin, she shared a similar story with me. In her role as an executive recruiter who gets hired by firms to find the best people, she finds herself constantly being asked by individual executives for advice on their resume. 

So, Sharon and I decide decided to pull our expertise together – hers as an executive recruiter and mine as an executive communication coach, to help you with your resume. Welcome to Talk About Talk episode 146 ‘Upgrade Your resume”.  In this episode, you’ll hear my interview with Sharon and you’ll learn a lot – the most common mistakes, Do’s Don’ts, and suggestions for formatting, content, and integrating your personal brand into your resume.  Or it is your CV?  What IS the difference, anyway, between a resume and a CV? 

 Yes, you’ll get an answer to that Q too.  Let’s do this!



Greetings again, and welcome to talk about TALK episode #146, 

“Upgrade Your Resume with executive recruiter Sharon Mah-Gin”

In case we haven’t met, my name is Dr. Andrea Wojnicki and I’m YOUR executive communication coach. Please call me Andrea!  I’m the founder of Talk About Talk, where I coach communication skills to ambitious executives through 1:1 coaching, bootcamps, workshops and keynotes. My objective is to help you improve your communication, your confidence and your clarity, so you’ll get noticed for the right reasons and your career will take off.  Sound good?  

In this episode, you’re going to learn a lot. Here’s how it’s going to go.  I’m going to introduce Sharon, and then we’ll jump right into the interview. Than I will re-cap with the top 3 learnings. (Yes, always the power of 3!)

You DEFINITELY do not need to take notes for this episode!!! Sharon and I worked together to create a summary of suggestions for you that you can easily access.  We call it our “resume tipsheet”. Just go to TAT.com/resume and you can download it there.  This is huge value for you.  Basically you listen to the advice first, then you print the tipsheet. It’s basically a checklist to guide you through the process of upgrading your resume. Again, its TAT.com/resume 

So – as always – you don’t need to take notes, because we’ve done that for you.  You’re welcome! Just keep doing whatever you’re doing! Walking. Or driving. Or doing housework. Or sitting on the couch. 

By the way, If you are sitting on the couch, you can also watch Sharon and me on YouTube. And I hope you’ll check out the TAT.com website. There are lots of resources there to help you out. If you’re an individual executive, there’s information about 1:1 coaching and bootcamps. If you’re a leader or an HR manager looking to boost the communication skills of your team, there’s also information about workshops and keynotes.  And there are free resources too: like the archive of this bi-weekly podcast, and the free newsletter. I REALLY hope you’ll sign up for the Talk About Talk newsletter. That newsletter is your chance to get communication tips and coaching from me once a week. 

Now, let me introduce Sharon.

I’ve known Sharon for years and years. She is a successful recruiter and – she’s a generous human. This is the FOURTH time Sharon has shared her expertise with us. Previously she shared her expertise on episodes focused on networking skills, networking online, and communication skills for job seekers. 

Sharon and I have also collaborated on workshops together – typically focused on topics such as personal branding and networking, Sharon is a master networker. Actually, I would characterize her as a master connector.  And generous.  And outgoing, as you’ll hear.

Sharon’s been active in executive search for over 25 years. She started as a Client Partner in the Toronto office of Korn Ferry International, the world’s largest publicly traded executive search firm and now serves as a partne

While Sharon has successfully completed engagements in all functional areas including sales, marketing, operations, human resources and general management, her designation as a CA or Chartered Accountant has led to her developing an expertise in financial roles.  

Sharon earned a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University and articled at EY, where she performed audits for large clients in major industries, including manufacturing, utilities and mining.  Prior to joining Korn Ferry, Sharon was Director of Internal Audit at a major North American real estate developer and as an Internal Audit Manager with a major Canadian retailer. She also served as Assistant Controller at another major real estate developer.   

As I said, Sharon has a lot of energy. Outside of her role as a recruiter, Sharon served on the Global Asian-Advisory Board for PepsiCo. Her past board roles included BioCEO and Youth Science Ontario.  She’s currently helping with the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards program and serves on the founding committee of Women in Life Sciences.  AND, I know she recently completed hiking 900 km. of the Bruce Trail.  Yes, 900km!