This week, TalkAboutTalk is talking about P.R. or “Public Relations” and Cause Marketing

I promise that once you’ve listened to this week’s TalkAboutTalk podcast episode focused on Public Relations, you will be a savvier consumer of marketplace communication. This week, I researched Public Relations and interviewed PR expert Graeme Harris. I learned so much!  Graeme worked in the PR industry for decades and shares many war-stories. He is also a great guy and fun to chat with. (After the interview my face hurt from smiling so much!) Click here to listen or download the podcast now.

Public Relations expert Graeme Harris
Graeme Harris

Speaking of Public Relations, yesterday was #BellLetsTalk Day… 

This Bell initiative raised over $7 million this year for Mental Health initiatives (AMAZING). This is a timely example of CAUSE MARKETING, just one of many things that PR managers do. Two other current examples of brands employing cause marketing – where they align their brand with a (hopefully) relevant and compelling cause:

Nike Ad
Nike & Ambassador Colin Kaepernick

Gillette's Campaign
Gillette’s Campaign

Of course, these cause marketing campaigns can be controversial and risky.  But the time seems to be right for brands to exhibit their PR prowess. What else do PR managers do? Amongst other things, PR folks also manage:

investor relations,
internal corporate communications,
speech writing,
media planning,
social media,
and crisis communications ***

*** Do you remember these? Lots to keep our PR friends out of trouble! (click for details)

? Public Relations “Quotes Worth Talking About” 

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