Do you know how to INTRODUCE YOURSELF?  When you’re in a meeting and the meeting leader says,  

“Let’s take a moment
to briefly introduce ourselves.
I’ll go first…”

gulp - introduce yourself ?

…does your head start spinning?

  • Perhaps you get tongue-tied when you’re introducing yourself?
  • Maybe you get distracted by “that guy “ whose self-introduction lasts way too long (does he really think he’s that important?) 
  • Perhaps you worry about missing an opportunity to mention something that you should’ve said?
Does any of this sound familiar?
Good news! INTRODUCING YOURSELF is a critical communication skill that can be learned!
i got your back
Here’s a simple framework (NOT a script!) that I promise will help you introduce yourself confidently and effectively.


Introduce Yourself: Your 3 Point Framework


 The 3 points are “Present – Past – Future.”  Please note:

  • these 3 points are not in chronological order
  • this is a framework, not a script

1. Present

  • Establish who you are
  • “My name is _____and I am_________.”
  • This is your opportunity to highlight your expertise or your passion

introduce yourself - Hi I'm Andrea

2. Past

  • Highlight your relevant past experience
  • Previously I ___ (worked as…, led the…, earned my…)_”
  • This is your opportunity to establish credibility


3. Future

  • Ideally an immediate future statement
  • “I’m looking forward to_(learning more…, kicking off…, working together…)__”
  • This is your opportunity to express enthusiasm for what’s next.



you got this - introduce yourself !
Please try it and let me know how it goes!

You can learn more about this framework and how to INTRODUCE YOURSELF in this week’s podcast episode.Have a great week!   

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