Do you find it difficult to SPEAK UP in meetings?

If you answered yes, I promise you are NOT alone. 

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Struggling to speak up in meetings is extremely common, and not only for introverts

We’ve all been there.
Myself included!


Yes, even me, a self-proclaimed extrovert, has felt the anxiety of wanting to speak up but not knowing when or how.

Luckily, there are some simple things we can all do to make speaking up easier.

In the latest Talk About Talk podcast episode, you’ll learn 10 STRATEGIES to help you SPEAK UP in meetings, including:

1️⃣ What to do BEFORE the meeting
2️⃣ Your MINDSET during the meeting
3️⃣ Your WORDS


Everyone’s got to SPEAK UP!
Are you wondering why it’s so important to speak up during meetings?

The answer is simple ⬇️

Talk About Talk #114 - Speak Up - quote by Andrea Wojnicki on a teal background: "A meeting is an exchange of ideas. Everyone's got to speak up!"

Unlike emails or formal presentations, the purpose of meetings is to engage in DISCUSSION, if you’re invited to the meeting, it’s implied that you are there to CONTRIBUTE.

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Be a participant, not an observer!

Meetings are also an opportunity to demonstrate leadership, share your perspective, and position yourself for advancement

You can’t do any of that without SPEAKING UP.


What you need is a STRATEGY!

Now that we know WHY speaking up in meetings is so important, let’s take a look at HOW you can take the stress out of speaking up BEFORE THE MEETING even begins.

1️⃣ PREPARE – Be the most prepared person in the the room! Know the business, the people, the players, the context, and the agenda inside and out.

Talk About Talk #114 - Speak Up - quote by Janet Yellen, U.S. Treasury Secretary, on a turquoise background: "For me, being prepared is the most important thing. Fortify yourself by being as prepared and as knowledgeable as you possibly can. That works to bolster self-confidence... I do not want it. I never wing it."

Be like Janet.
Don’t wing it!

2️⃣ CREATE A GAME PLAN – Decide in advance which part of the meeting you’ll contribute to. Write out the comments that you plan to make, and rehearse them beforehand.

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3️⃣ WORK WITH SOMEONE – As your boss or a trusted colleague to help create space for you to contribute by calling on you at a certain point in the agenda.

And if you ARE the boss? This is a fantastic way for you to help your direct reports feel more comfortable speaking up!


Learn All 10 Strategies

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That’s it for this week! I hope these strategies help you SPEAK UP with confidence in your next meeting.

If you know anyone who would be interested in learning more about speaking up in meetings, please forward this email to them. THANK YOU! And if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please email me anytime!  

Talk soon,