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Downloads for this episode ?are trending high. I received so many emails from people who listened and loved ? it that I stopped counting. WOW!

I’m so thrilled that this critical message of talking to kids about mental health resonates with Talk About Talk listeners. 

Maddie & her mom, Nicole

And I am forever grateful to Nicole German for sharing her story and her advice. 

Thank you, Nicole!

P.S. – Yes, Maddie ?loved the colour purple, so the shownotes for this episode are purple too. ?

?Enjoy the podcast!



The most effective communicators seem so confident, don’t they? Well, it turns out that confidence can be learned. It can also be faked. And when you fake confidence, you become confident! (How’s that for a hack?!?)

If you’re interested in learning more about confidence (& other communication skills), I encourage you to join the Talk About Our COMMUNICATION SKILLS Facebook group, where every month we focus on one specific communication skill.

  • Last month it was ASKING Qs
  • This month it’s CONFIDENCE 


If you have a Facebook account, it’s super-easy to join this closed FB group. Three ways to join: 

  1. click here and join
  2. go to Facebook and type “talk about our communication skills group” in the search bar
  3. email me and I will invite you!

You will learn lots!

We’d love ❤️ to have you in our group!


The ABCDEs of Communication

The ABCDEs is a 5-step, simple and effective formula for you to have in your back pocket when you’re preparing for important conversations (aren’t they all?!?). It could be a negotiation, a meeting, a networking event, …

Based on the positive feedback I received regarding the ABCDEs podcast and LinkedIn paper, I decided to create a printable summary for us to keep in our briefcases or on our bulletin boards. 

This exclusive document is available only to Talk About Talk Blog newsletter subscribers. That means YOU! So click here to view and print your copy now. ?

Please encourage your friends to sign up for this email newsletter, and they too will receive the “5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Communication Skills” document  automatically. Just tell them to go to TalkAboutTalk.com and this box will appear so they can sign up…



Last Saturday night I had the most AMAZING experience, being interviewed onstage by Monkeytoast host David Shore, while the MonkeyToast Improv Troupe did their magic on stage…

My face hurt from laughing! It was a blast!

I attribute the success of the evening to a few things:

  • Pep talks from the gracious host David Shore, and from my friend and leadership coach Angie Alexander
  • Supportive friends & Talk About Talk fans who attended ?
  • My mantras:
    1. “You only regret what you DON’T do!”
    2. “You either rock it or you have a great story – either way it’s a win!” (thank you Sandy Jobin-Bevans!)



People ask me all the time how I come up with topics for the Talk About Talk podcast. Many of the topics come from YOU – the listeners! Please let me know if you have podcast topic ideas!

Podcast topics that are coming soon:


See above – both interviewing and being interviewed!)

Dealing with Negative People

(you know, that nasty/grumpy/competitive guy?)

Phone vs Emails vs Texts

(Quick Q: What’s your first reaction when the phone rings?  Do you curse it or love it? Why?)


(The #1 most important communication skill!)

Telling Your Story

(Could be as informal as cocktail party banter (“so, what’s your story?”) or a formal memoire…) 


(YES, the season of gift-giving is around the corner.
Do you know what you are symbolically communicating with the gifts you give?  Hmm…?)



I learned so much this past week at the HotDocs Podcast Festival in Toronto. Did you know:

  • The 37% of weekly podcast listeners who are “Power Listeners” (5+ hrs/week) account for 75% of the total weekly podcast hours – Canadian Podcast Listener (you know – the 80/20-ish rule!) 
  • Most podcasts last for only three episodes. (Talk About Talk is at 36 episodes!)
  • There are 3/4 million podcasts on Apple iTunes (WOW – that a lot of podcasts!)

I thank you for listening to Talk About Talk and I commend you for focusing on improving your communication skills!

Have a great week!

TALK soon,

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Founder & Chief Talker – Talk About Talk Inc.

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