This week we’re talking about which Communication Media we should employ.

If you’ve listened to the Talk About Talk podcasts, you know that I ask every guest expert 5 Rapid Fire Qs, including “what is your go-to communication medium for personal conversations?”  The answers vary widely – from face-to-face, to phone, to text, and more. No one channel is ideal in all circumstances. Here’s our chance to learn the pros and cons of each!

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Let’s do this…

? The Podcast:

“COMMUNICATION MEDIA: Phone or Email… with HR expert Tamara Finlay”

I TOLD YOU  I am listening!  Here’s a topic that several of you have requested, and some of you have even shared horror stories with me.  Thank you! I always appreciate your ideas and your stories!

Andrea & Tamara
Andrea & Tamara

For this week’s ?podcast episode focused on “COMMUNICATION MEDIA” I interviewed Tamara Finlay, a human resources expert who was recommended to me by another Talk About Talk listener!

Tamara is very insightful about optimizing “people and culture” in organizations.  She is also a lot of fun – you will hear the laughter in the podcast!

In case you’re not yet following me on social media, it was when I was interviewing Tamara that the doorbell rang.  A few days later when I was editing the podcast late at night, the doorbell kept ringing.  Every time I went to the door, no one was there!  It took THREE TIMES or me to realize the doorbell was in the audio recording.  Yes, I’m a podcast dingdoing.  And YES, I edited out the doorbell!

Amongst other things you will learn in this podcast:

  • How AGE is not the only factor you should consider when choosing a medium for communication (yes, there are Millennials who pick up the phone, and yes, many Boomers and Gen Xs do text!)
  • How to use the A.C.E. ACRONYM to help you choose the ideal media for your communication
  • How to use the 3H FRAMEWORK to identify the type of content you are communicating

Thank you, Tamara!


In the podcast I promised listeners I would summarize the main pros and cons of each media in this blog.  So here’s the list:


✅Two-way real-time dialogue
✅Body language and tone-of-voice evident
✅Ideal for emotionally charged conversations
✅Ideal for developing new relationships
⛔️Can be most expensive
⛔️Not recorded, not archivable
⛔️Least convenient – same time and location

(Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, etc)

✅Two-way real-time dialogue
✅Body language and tone-of-voice evident
✅Remotely accessible – can save travel time & $$$
⛔️Needs to be same time
⛔️No de-brief (what happens after call?)


✅Can hear tone of voice
✅Two-way real-time dialogue
⛔️No body language
⛔️Not archivable
⛔️No de-brief (what happens after call?)


✅Fast & easy (no time or location constraints)
✅Easy to search keywords
✅Can access & reply when convenient
✅Ability to edit
⛔️No body language or tone of voice
⛔️Difficult to confirm if message received
⛔️Difficult to develop new relationships

Let me know if I missed anything!


I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast, “COMMUNICATION MEDIA: Phone or Email… with HR expert Tamara Finlay”

Tamara asked me a great question during the interview.  We all know that handwritten notes are on the decline.  The Q is: could you even identify your co-workers’ handwriting?  GREAT Q, right?  Given they are so rare nowadays, the impact of a hand-written note might be significant.  This is something we can keep in mind for when we need it.

Speaking of “when you need it,” I hope you downloaded the printable PDF “5 Simple Steps to Improve your Communication” that I sent you last week.  This document is available for a limited time to new and existing Talk About Talk email subscribers.  I hope you will encourage your friends to also sign up by going to the Talk About Talk website!


TALK soon,

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Chief Talker & Communication Coach – Talk About Talk Inc.

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