Do you know how to communicate with IMPACT?

I can’t think of anyone more qualified to help us answer this question than my friend Jennifer T. Lee, a bold and inspiring leader whose superpower is creating global impact.

Talk About Talk - Jennifer T. Lee, Vice-Chair of Deloitte Canada - communicating with impact
Jennifer T. Lee

I’m not surprised that my conversation with Jen made it onto Talk About Talk’s Top 10 most downloaded episodes. Jen is incredible! And based on the positive emails and comments I’ve received from listeners, I’d say they agree!

Since this episode was first released, Jen’s has been promoted to Vice-Chair at Deloitte Canada! Congratulations, Jen! I have no doubt that you’ll continue to make an impact in this new role.


3 things to Talk About this week:

  1. Jen’s Meta-Level Advice: Be curious
  2. Impact Starts With Purpose
  3. You’re invited!

1️⃣ Jen’s Meta-level Advice: Be curious

One of the biggest takeaways that stuck with me since speaking with Jen is that at the meta-level, her advice to us is pretty simple: be curious.

In general, communicating with impact means communicating with respect, and a great way to do that is to start from a place of humility and curiosity.

image by Bulat Silvia via Canva - businessman in blue blazer holding a white page with a black question mark in front of his face - communicating with impact - Talk About Talk

In other words, don’t assume you have all the answers. Ask questions. Then ask more questions!

Showing that you’re curious demonstrates that you respect the other person’s perspective, and that you are open to learning. It’s an incredibly effective mindset that can ultimately help you be a more impactful communicator. 

2️⃣ Impact Starts With Purpose

According to Jen, impact is the ability to get someone else to take action. This could be in a business context, a personal context, or in a community context.

Regardless of the context, making an impact starts with one thing: PURPOSE.

"Making an IMPACT starts with PURPOSE. Everyone in the meeting should know their purpose. And when you're meeting with clients, the clients should be perfectly clear why each person is in the room." – Jennifer T. Lee, Vice-Chair, Deloitte Canada - communicate with impact - Talk About Talk

Jen recommends using introductions as an opportunity to clarify the purpose and value of everyone in the room. If you’re a leader, ensure everyone on your team understands their purpose.  And if you’re meeting with a client, make sure your client understands the purpose of everyone in the room.

3️⃣ You’re Invited!

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There you go – 3 things to Talk About this week:
1️⃣ Jen’s Meta-Level Advice: Be Curious
2️⃣ Impact Starts With Purpose
3️⃣ You’re invited!

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