Have you ever been in a meeting and it suddenly occurred to you that you’re the only one at the table who hasn’t said anything yet?  Or perhaps you’ve been told by your boss that you need to SPEAK UP.

These scenarios are very common!

SPEAKING UP in meetings is a fantastic opportunity for you….

Talk About Talk #114 - Speak Up - quote by Andrea Wojnicki on a dark blue background: "Speaking up in meetings is your opportunity to contribute, to share what's on your mind, to articulate your value, to demonstrate leadership, ultimately, to position yourself for advancement."

I have two general suggestions for you when you find yourself in a meeting and you know you need to SPEAK UP:
  1. Manage your MINDSET
  2. Consider your WORDS


Manage Your MINDSET

1️⃣ Give yourself a QUOTA 

  • Challenge yourself to make at least ONE comment per meeting.
  • Try to speak up earlier on in the meeting. Once you’ve contributed to the discussion, it won’t seem as daunting to speak up a second time.

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2️⃣ Manage your PHYSICAL STATE
  • This will serve your MENTAL state well!Slow your breathing.
  • This will help minimize anxiety and fuel your confidence.
3️⃣ Adjust your definition of CONTRIBUTION 
  • Give yourself permission to contribute even if you’re not sure your idea is fully formed.
  • Not every comment has to be a breakthrough solution.
  • Remember, a meeting is an exchange of ideas, and what you have to say might be the inspiration for someone else’s breakthrough idea. 

Talk About Talk #114 - Speak Up - image of eight people sitting around a meeting table
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4️⃣ FOCUS and listen 
  • Focus on the meeting objective, not on yourself.
  • Instead of trying to say the “right” things that you think your boss wants to hear, consider how you can help achieve the meeting objective!


Choose Your WORDS Wisely

Once you’re in the right MINDSET for speaking up, finding the right WORDS to say is easier than you think!

Talk About Talk #114 - Speak Up - image shows a hand drawing one yellow and multiple white light bulbs on a turquoise background
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❓ Ask a QUESTION – Yes, this counts as speaking up! Questions spark discussion and can be some of the most valuable contributions in meetings.

💡 Build on OTHERS’ IDEAS – Say something like, “Building on what so-and-so said, I’d like to add…” Not only is this a great way to add to the discussion, but it also provides an opportunity to give credit to your colleagues and amplify their ideas.

🧠 Speak to your EXPERTISE – Start your comment with, “Based on my experience” or “Based on my expertise.” This will bolster your confidence, and has the added benefit of reinforcing your personal brand.

I invite you to download your copy of the 10 Strategies for Speaking Up, and check out the Talk About Talk podcast(ep.114) for more tips on SPEAKING UP in meetings.

Yes, I agree “10” is a lot of strategies! I encourage you to identify 2-3 of these 10 strategies to help you speak up with confidence.

If you know anyone who would be interested in learning more about speaking up in meetings, please forward this emailto them. THANK YOU! And if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please email me anytime!  

Talk soon,