What’s your ARCHETYPE?  Read on to learn how an archetype can help people and brands resonate. Which archetype describes YOU? Your BRAND?

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Think of this week’s podcast as your ARCHETYPES 101″ lecture.  (Note this is part one. In two weeks, we’ll apply this knowledge of archetypes to a real-world phenomenon, “Archetypes & Female Pop Stars” ??)

In this short (23min) ?ARCHETYPE episode, you’ll learn – amongst other things:


Carl Jung archetype book

You’re probably vaguely familiar with the term archetype?  Perhaps intimidated by them because of their ancient history – as in Athenian philosopher Plato, way back in 400 B.C.  As in mythology…

historical archetype

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Let me simplify for you. Consider the etymology of “ARCHETYPE.” There’s:
  • archḗ (ἀρχή), which means beginning or origin
  • týpos (τύπος), as in pattern or model

Universal patterns are recognized by consumers. They feel familiar. They RESONATE.

That’s why an archetype is so powerful and why you should consider leveraging archetypes in your storytelling, in your brand management, and even in your personal identity.

Archetypes are so universal, in fact, that some story-telling may appear formulaic.  Best-selling fiction writers and successful movie production studios rely heavily on archetypes. 

the hero's journey archetype - spiderman and storytelling
(image: Unsplash @roadtripwithraj)

Take, for example, “The Hero’s Journey.”  Have you ever noticed how most movies start with “setting the stage,” followed by a “call to adventure”? As in when the parents (often the mother) is killed in a Disney movie? Turns out these are the first 2 stages in Joseph Campbell’s 12-stage “Hero’s Journey.

I created a one-pager PDF for you to reference with the 12 stages of the Hero’s Journey in the SHOWNOTES, which you can find here.

Enjoy the podcast!


In the Talk About Talk podcast episode on STORYTELLING with Harvard Professor Jerry Zaltman, he highlights 3 typical female archetypes: the NURTURER, the WITCH and the PROSTITUTE.  ?YIKES, right?)

In the upcoming podcast, you’ll hear Professor Kristin Lieb identify the common archetypes for female pop stars (including the GIRL NEXT DOOR, the TEMPTRESS, the DIVA, the HOT MESS,…) 

Gender, Branding & the Modern Music Industry by Kristin Lieb

In the book “The Hero & The Outlaw,” authors Margaret Mark & Carol Pearson identify how brand managers  can and should identify which one of 12 archetypes their BRANDS embody.

teh hero and the outlaw archetype book

Why should you identify an archetype for yourself or your brand? 

Again – an archetypes is UNIVERSAL. That means it’s recognizable, familiar, and it RESONATEs.  Resonance is a good thing for both people and for brands!

Here is an alphabetical list of 12 COMMON ARCHETYPES, along with few examples of brands and celebrities that embody them. 

Challenge yourself to identify:

  • which archetype applies to YOU?
  • which archetype represents your brand or your firm?

? Caregiver Archetype

maternal, comforting, trusted, and generous
  • Dove, Amnesty International, Allstate Insurance, Campbell’s Soup
  • Princess Lady Diana, Denzel Washington

?‍?Creator Archetype

inventor, artist, designer inventive, unique, maker, and vibrant

  • Pinterest, Lego, YouTube
  • Rihanna, Marc Jacobs

?Every Person Archetype

girl/guy next door, hardworking, friendly, down-to-earth, and loyal

  • Tom’s Shoes, Habitat for Humanity, Craig’s List,
  • Julia Roberts, Matt Damon

?Explorer Archetype

adventurous, innovative, pioneer, investigator, trailblazer, the adventurer

  • NASA, Starbucks, National Geographic, Jeep,
  • Indiana Jones, Amelia Earhart


?‍♀️ Hero Archetype

disciplined, inspiring, strong/brave, warrior, champion

  • Nike, US Army, Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Nelsen Mandela Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, Simba from The Lion King, and Nemo the fish, Ripley from Aliens, Katniss Hunger Games


?Innocent Archetype

optimist, kind, simple, pure

  • Coca-Cola, Tumblr, Dove
  • Taylor Swift, Forrest Gump


?Jester Archetype

humorous, comedic, an entertainer, playful and light-hearted

  • Geico, Mailchimp, Doritos
  • Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres


?Lover Archetype

focused on sense, relationships, memories, passionate and devoted

  • Häagen-Dazs, Tiffany & Co, Zagat guide,
  • Adam Levine, Sofia Vergara


?‍♂️Magician Archetype

transformer, dreamer, visionary, an inventor, or even a spiritual guide

  • Disney, Apple, Dyson, TEDTalks
  • Oprah, Morpheus in The Matrix


?‍?Revolutionary / Rebel Archetype

radically distinct, bold, revolutionary, and unapologetic

  • Uber, Greenpeace, e*trade, Virgin (& Richard Branson!)
  • Jac Sparrow, Lady Gaga


?Ruler / Royalty Archetype

authoritative, influential, political, connected, sophisticated, ambitious

  • Moody’s, Mercedes Benz, Rolex
  • Beyoncé, Prince Harry 


?‍?Sage Archetype

learner, teacher, academic, analytical and wise.

  • Harvard, Smithsonian, Mayo Clinic, Google
  • Einstein, Hermoine from Harry Potter



So, which archetype are YOU?

I’m the SAGE archetype. As in the learner, the teacher, the academic. Yes, I’m a ?nerd!
Talk About Talk is the MAGICIAN archetype.  As in the transformer, the spiritual guide.  Talk About Talk wants to transform you into a confident and exceptional communicator!
Here’s a link directly to a one-pager to help you identify the 12 common archetypes. (You’re welcome.)

What’s NEXT?

That was fun, wasn’t it? I just love focusing on important, helpful, and under-utilized concepts that can help us with our communication!

In next week’s blog, we’ll focus on a related topic – PERSONALITY

Are you a leader? A risk-taker? Funny? Charismatic?  Yes, there is some overlap between a personality and an archetype.  We’ll focus on personality tests, brand personality, and look at the Q of whether we can change our personality!

Then the following week there’s part 2 of our look at ARCHETYPES with the “Archetypes & Female Rock Stars” podcast. You’ll hear my interview with Professor Kristin Lieb, TEDx speaker and author of this book!

As always, I welcome your suggestions and feedback regarding this blog or the podcast. I ❤️love hearing from you! Please email me or connect on social media.  

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